6 Mobile App Trends for 2017

  • 25 Nov , 2016
  • by Vikrant Singh

As 2016 heads to sundown, we can look at this year as a successful year for technology. Technologies such as Erlang, Swift, Google’s Dart and Clojure were widely accepted and adored by developers across the globe. Technology trends such as Augmented Reality (AR) reached its all-time high through the earth shattering success of Pokemon Go.

Sales of Virtual Reality (VR) products like Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard etc. went through the roof. Even wearables had their share of the glory this year.

But with the dawn of 2017, Daffodil analyzes and identifies six mobile app trends that will drive 2017-

1.Hybrid Apps

Hybrid app development is rapidly expanding. We already know that hybrid apps can be used on multiple OSs, but the prime reason of their rise is that hybrid app development are quick solutions to urgent mobile app development requirements.

HTML5 apps rarely have competition which makes them a reasonable option to consider. Hybrid apps have a bad reputation of poor UI and UX, but in a contradiction to this popular belief we have built tons of beautiful hybrid apps using Ionic, Cordova and Xamarin.

2. Intelligent Apps

Based on Gartner’s research, intelligent apps are mobile apps that perform day to day activities of a user without human assistance. Intelligent apps integrate with your work, emails and life, keeping your priorities on top and identifying your trends for a unique human like relationship. It is a long-term trend that will continually evolve and expand the application of AI and machine learning for apps and services.

3. Clouds based apps

The best of apps take up the most space. And that’s the primary problem now isn’t it? Cloud is the answer to every app that has heavy graphics and functions. They are fast, can be built without any restriction and most of all they are secure. There has been a great upsurge in the use of multiple devices connected to mobiles. The focus is to integrate and sync mobile apps to multiple devices. Therefore, the cloud approach will enable technologies like IoT, AI, and wearable for multiple functionalities.

4. Mesh Apps

Another entry inspired by Gartner’s research, mesh apps in our perspective is the expanding set of endpoints people use to access applications and information or interact with people, social communities, governments and businesses. Users may have various solution requirements at any point in the app, this new approach creates a digital mesh to address all requirements of a user within one app.

5. GPS Beacon

Apple’s iBeacon is not an unfamiliar technology. In almost all iOS apps that require locationing feature, iBeacon has proved to be a game changer. Android is soon to adopt a similar Beacon tech that would make all the fuss behind ‘offline’ apps even more pertinent. GPS Beacons are proving their worth for the retail and travel industry apps on iOS and with the coming of 2017, we can expect the whole world to finally embrace this technology.

6. Drones

Drones are an absolute delight. They do give off a certain whiff of obscurity and make the common folk believe that drones are way out of their league, but this is not so anymore. “Drones are here to stay”, this has been clearly stated by Google and Amazon. This is when when apps will become an essential part of the drone tech, to track, manage and analyze activities performed by drones.

These are some essential trends that we have analyzed for the coming year. Now as trends are, we might just be in for a surprise but we did predict technologies like wearables, AI, AR and VR to boom in 2016 and we got that bang on.

Whatever 2017 may bring, one thing is for certain that our lives are going to transition smoothly into this magical world of mobile apps with a greater pomp and show than ever before.

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