6 Things to Avoid While Outsourcing Technology

  • 15 Jul , 2016
  • by Nupur Sujani

“IT Outsourcing” is the term which is directly linked to provision of technology services which saves time and cost of company which would have been spent on hiring for full time. Explaining it broadly, as the business grows, the departments increase so does requirement of IT- related functions. During this phase, it is not possible to get high tech IT environment for your company as it involves lot of time and resources, this is where Outsourcing comes in picture, which is one way of saving your valuable time, money and resources and dedicate them to more strategic business initiatives.

Now, the concerning points are:

# How to make right decisions in regards to IT outsourcing which includes guaranteed successful outcome?
# What should be your concerning points while taking outsourcing decisions? How do you oversee the outsourcing relationships?

Being one of global IT experts, we at Daffodil have listed certain points that are a big No-No while looking forward to outsourcing your requirements.

#1 Cost over Quality

This should be one of most concerning points while taking outsourcing decisions. We understand that cost is one of the focus, but what about quality! Keeping cost down is important but just remember to get what you are paying for.
Look for a company which provides its services on best price within industry standards, should have known tech partners and high expertise team to handle your diversified issues dedicatedly. This will give you a satisfaction that your investment is highly utilized,

#2 Less Qualified Professionals

Imagine that your hired IT experts are not able to explain to answer your most basic queries? You might end up in dumps and four limbs against the wall.To prevent this mistake you should look for IT experts who are rich in communication skills, who can not only understand technology but should also have skills to explain same to you non- technically so that you can better analyse and make strategic decisions for your future technology.

#3 Lack of Feedback & Connectivity

Look for IT company who initiates continuous feedbacks for you and treats you as a part of project. Designate a point of contact from the company with whom you can be in continuous touch to know about progress of your work. It will be further better to visit company once in a month to initiate a good team communication. Its advisable to get into a friendly and more knowledge sharing communication to build up business relations and positive workflow.

#4 Weak Technology Infrastructure

This calls for reliability of IT infrastructure of your outsourcing partner. There are many things such as power failure, computer networks, resource strength which can work as disturbing elements during outsourced project workflow. Look for IT partner who can assure business continuity in the event of equipment failures and assures data backups at real time. You also need to be sure that the IT partner will mitigate the risks and expenses of all causes of downtime.

#5 Inability to Scale

Flexibility and scalability ensures prevention in fluctuation of scope and timescale while quality analysis. The provider should possess great resources which are sufficient to meet all demands of your projects. Your hired experts must build a expandable tech for you, rather than a weak brittle one.

#6 Unclear Security

This is most important point to consider before outsourcing. The protection of your data is important and your outsourcing firm should have the control and capability to prevent data loss even in the case of disaster, they should have the capacity to restore relevant data.

At the end, there are few points you can never avoid when you are looking forward for outsourcing and you want quality results. The bottom line is to find an IT company with good quality experts who can dedicatedly take care about your work and worth investing for.

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