Google’s Checklist for Android App Developers

  • 06 Feb , 2013
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Whosoever thinks that the smart phones are only a passing trend and will soon be long gone, is definitely only kidding themselves. In this age where texting, video calling is replacing traditional calling and people carrying out important activities straight away from their smart phones, one can safely predict a prolific increase in the requirement of highly efficient and technically sound apps.

However,a random look at the present day apps gives a pretty morbid picture.Surely, there is a range of apps which are truly class apart andoffers the best an app possibly can, but their other counterparts arenot so fortunate. Mostly, they appear to be like a squalor version ofthe same.

Muchperturbed by the fate of present day apps, Google released achecklist which is intended to help app developers to build a ratherfocused and high end app and separate their apps from falling intothe doomed generic category. The checklist can be viewed as thepresent day concise Bible for various app developers. It will helpyou, as an app developer, to serve your user base better and come upwith enigmatic, interactive and intuitive user interface. Thechecklist is given below:

1. App to be tested for its core quality
2.Layouts to be optimized
3. Creatively exploit the extra screen area
4. Assets designed for tablets to be carefully used
5.Touch targets and fonts to be adjusted
6.Home screen widgets to be adjusted
7.Full feature set of apps to be offered
8.It should not require hardware features
9.Tablet screen support to be declared
10.Best practiced to be followed while publishing the app in Google Play

Google’schecklist and building popularity of Android

Asmore and more android devices come into play and a lot of erstwhile iOS dedicated developers plan their shift in the android market, itis important that you follow the guideline with precision. With this checklist, Google look to standardize the apps created under itsecosystem. It is all praises for, Instapaper, and TinyCo for coming up with the most efficient and user oriented mobile apps.

Checklist – the search engine czar’s attempt to buckle up!

Upuntil now Google has widely followed and endorsed the policy “buildonce, ship everywhere” when it came to mobile app development, butright now it looks as if the tables have changed. But with rampantcriticism for its apps and the success of its new Nexus 7, the searchengine czar seems to buck up its mobile app development arena. Withthe checklist, we hope that Google will be able to have its Googleplay flourishing with apps explicitly designed for its tablets. It ishere interesting to share with you all the comment of Tim Cook, thefamous Apple CEO, on the Yelp app for Samsung Tablet:

“Lookat Yelp. Lots of white space. Tiny text, hard to read. Compare thatto the iPad. This is a reason that momentum on the iPad continues tobuild.”

Thecomment comes in the heat of the moment when Google is trying to hardto weed out the malicious looking apps from its environment. Let usall hope that the market place is soon flourished with good qualityapps for Android phones.

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