10 New updates on Google Chrome for iPhone & iPad

  • 19 Jul , 2013
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As we all know, The Great Google continue to make apps easy to use, faster and better to make users feel great while using Google apps. Two days ago, Google’s new Chrome updates for apple phones has been rolled out.

Now iPhone users can surf the internet in a more pleasurable way. Google just came up with the very new and impressive features of chrome browser for iPhones.

“Our goal is to make the Web better, both on the desktop and mobile” said Linus Upson

Here is a list of new features of Google Chrome for iPhones :

1. Browsing within the app : Users can open links from within a specific Google app itself instead of going to browser each time.

2. Full Screen Mode : Users can now enjoy full screen mode in their iPhones.

3. Text-to-Speech : iPhone users can enjoy the tweaked voice designed to support text-to-speech for all types of languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japnese and Korean etc.

4. Complete Browsing History : Updates allows you to check for your whole browsing history instead of just checking history of current open tab.

5. Reduced Data Cost : Now iPhone users can surf more in less data usage due to some new updates in compression algorithms.

6. Increased Speed : Update came up with great speed in webpage load time.

7. Advance Settings : Now users can check how much data they are consuming or saving doing bandwidth manageent settings.

8. Stable and Secure : Latest updates in chrome for iPhones came up with a couple of new stability and security improvements.

9. Sign-in Once for all Google Apps : As google made updations in Chrome for PCs, We do not need to sign-in again and again for each application of Google like Google Map, Google Webmaster, Google Places, Google Business etc. Same feature we can enjoy in Apple’a iPhones now to save our login time.

10. Printing Power Feature : The printing feature uses Google’s Cloud Print service or Apple’s own AirPrint, which offers the ability to save websites as PDFs to a Google Drive account.

You can download this new update in Google chrome on the Apple Store

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