How 4G Ecosystem will Impact Mobile Solutions in India

  • 30 Nov , 2015
  • by Vikrant Singh
4G Ecosystem

Do you own a 4G handset yet! It seems that many users are warming up to 4G even before the 4G network is rolled out in their areas. A recent report from IDC shows that one out of three smartphones being shipped in India during the third quarter of 2015 are 4G enabled. So if the 4G network is working in a certain area, many users could be enjoying things like augmented reality navigation, “mobile wallets”, 3D simulated board games, and much else.

The high data speed that 4G offers makes it possible for the developers to take the innovation in the mobile apps space to a much higher level. Better performance and higher capabilities are the natural corollaries for apps developed for 4G. Apps that facilitate streaming of HD vides on phones could become commonplace. It is widely expected that 4G could turn out to be the tipping point for mobile video in the coming years.

4G can make it possible for major companies to develop their custom application that plays video clips to explain the product features and the services that are being offered. The multimedia experience could be much better than what we have currently through our 3G systems. With 4G it will become much easier for customers to deal with larger documents and spreadsheets that can support more charts and graphs.

With file size size restraints that often encumber the users on 3G not being there, 4G promises a new age of innovation for the mobile app industry. We can expect novel applications, which simplify our lives, keep us better connected and seminally transform the way we work and play.

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