How Mobile is Changing Business?

  • 05 Aug , 2016
  • by Nupur Sujani

Research says a lot about Importance of mobile technology in businesses. The numbers are increasing day by day which has influenced me a lot to research on major ways and reasons of its great influence on human for their daily activity. Let’s have a look on this.

The next big revolutionary gadget which has revamped the way businesses are done is Mobile. Mobility has become ‘the’ big thing for businesses & has made web mobile seamless. To realize this fact all you need to do is to take a look around at your fellow commuters to see the importance of a smartphone in their daily lives.

90% of adults own a cell phone, 58% have smartphone, 32% own an e-reader and 42% own laptops and these numbers will never cease to increase.

Mobility changes

Mobile technology has a significant impact on the way businesses communicate, operate and interact with customers. Every section of your business can be easily handled and accessed from remote locations. Not only this, mobile devices enhance customer engagement and relationship through backend processes like shipping, invoicing, payments and so on. We use mobile to shop, find local vendors, share shopping experience and refer products to friends.

Let us take a look on some major ways mobile is influencing business.

Improved Internet Usage

Improved internet usage

As of May 2016, more than 72% of adults were using cellphones to access internet for their own personal mean and this percentage has substantially increased. Understanding the scope of these stats, businesses have also started changing their operational model and have integrated online presence within themselves.
Boom within E-commerce Trends

Mobile for business growth

Numbers don’t lie. The data from above stats clearly shows the splendid improvement in ecommerce traffic via smartphones in Q1 2016 which has been constantly growing till date.

Mobile for business

Mobile has majorly led to increase in number of purchases and transactional volumes and this is expected to grow more by 300%.

Communication is the key

Mobile devices are important and reliable connecting threads for business communications. This is a medium which is both fast and secure that meets business goals and objectives. This is a possible reason which is why many businesses are partnering with trusted wireless service providers who can take care about their global connectivity.
Lots of businesses have realized the <a href="http://www.daffodilsw visit”>opportunities that mobile technology has brought for them and so should you. Making your business mobile friendly will not only grow your customer base but also ease your operational processes.

I hope these statistics will give you good reasons to jump in for mobile tech integration within your business.

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