Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report – Important Outtakes

  • 06 Jun , 2016
  • by Vikrant Singh

Every Year in Summer Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist and former wall street securities analyst, releases a conclusive and exhaustive report on Internet Trends of the year. Meeker’s Reports hit the internet like a sandstorm and the impact has been more than ever for this year’s report.

Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report is out and it contains the most carefully collected and explained statistics that one would ever need to understand the state of present market, buyer and economy.

The full report is a 213 slide mammoth of a presentation which you can access here.

Daffodil has always stayed nimble when it comes to internet and market trends, so Meeker’s reports have been like the holy bible for us. This year’s report is ginormous so I had to pull my socks up and dig in deep with my reading glasses on and a kettle full of espresso.

After hours of careful perusal, scanning and skimming, it was clear that the impact of technology has been remarkable in changing the global economy. Though I understand it may be a tough task to get fully versed with the report so I here I present the top and most striking slides from the presentation.

Global Internet Users

Global internet users have certainly increased but the Y/Y% growth is coming to a stand still. Flat growth of 9% in internet users and Y/Y% growth of 9% which falls to 7% if we exclude India. India in itself has shown a flat growth of 40% with a 33% Y/Y growth. With 277M Users, India has now passed USA, inches behind China.



Global Smartphone Users


Android vs iOS Share


Internet Advertising

The Internet economy has gone from $0 to $60 billion in just 20 years. That uptake dwarfs the development of advertising in earlier media including radio and television, whose rapid expansion seemed equally shocking in their day.


Advertising – Google vs Facebook vs Others


The Internet is Photo Gallery

Product endorsement by other consumers are becoming the dominant method by which consumers decide what to buy, and consumers speak to each other through the volume of images they post. This gives tremendous new power to consumers to determine winning and losing products—and quickly. It also gives profound leverage to the platforms that host their images.




The Candace Payne and Chewbacca Story

Candace Payne, also known as the Chewbacca Mom, is a 37 year old Texan mom of two. She had quickly risen to fame after she shot a video of her buying trying a Chewbacca mask she had just bought from Kohl’s. The video went viral like an epidemic and rest is history… and also in Meeker’s report.


Video is the Future

Facebook and Snapchat alone now account for 18 billion video views daily, much of it user-generated content. The user now calls the shots in the Video market.

Viewers will seamlessly combine live video with contextual information, then annotate and socialize it on the dominant platforms. Live events become social experiences, with richer interaction for those not actually in attendance. The future of wearables is now brighter than ever.

11Millennials – No Time for Calls!

Individuals born from 1981 through 1999 would rather hear from a business via social media, digital messaging or an app. This is the entrepreneurial age of present era and their least popular option is the telephone, with only 12 percent saying they preferred that option.


Traditional Brick and Mortar – Gone With the Wind


The top 20 Internet companies, Meeker reports, now have a market value of nearly $3 trillion. Thanks to a long-standing U.S. policy of “permissionless innovation,” over half are American companies, and seven are Chinese — the result of an admittedly very different industrial policy. Remarkably, as with last year’s list, not a single one comes from the highly-regulated but badly fragmented European Union.

So there it is, my observations and key outtakes from Meeker’s report of 2016.

There were certainly some trends I could predict and many more which certainly left me gasping for more. As an organization we ourselves have noticed the changes in the early part of 2016 and have helped our clients understand the same.

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