News & Media – 4 Advantages of having a News App

  • 24 Apr , 2015
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News & Media - 4 Advantages of having a News App

In my Last Post I talked about a handful of things that a News & Media company must do in order to improve their online presence. If you have missed out on that post then you can read it here.

Through my prior research on the broader topic of online presence of News & Media, I have now come to a niche segment of discussion and market opportunity for News & Media companies, viz., News Apps.

I talked a little bit, in my last post, about the mobile market and tapping the astoundingly large audiences present there. Whether your business is small, medium, large or even just starting up, going mobile is the way to go in the present era. Google recently changed their search algorithm for mobile, the consequences of which is rumored to cause a mobile Armageddon, also known as the ‘Mobilegeddon’.

If the promise of mobile reach didn’t sound lucrative enough then perhaps an anti-climactic threat of the Mobilegeddon can drive an interest of News App development. But let us not be deterred, a News App will be more than a shelter from the storm. The brand and the News will constantly stay with the reader, online or offline, like a 24/7 branding tool.

The time for News App development is nigh and the mobile market is ripe for cultivation. Speaking of the term ‘ripe’, here is a list of four things a News App provides to a company to keep its business strong, rollicking and profitable. (Graciously termed as the ‘RIPE’ theory)

Revenue Model: A News App is a brilliant revenue model. Daffodil has worked with clients who have been apprehensive of the initial cost of App development. But when it comes to a News App, one can easily avoid the unnecessary frills and reduce App cost to a minimum and adding the revenue through in-App purchases and Google Adsense, a news company can make significant profit.

If a Company has done enough ground work such as Brand logo, images & content then App developers will quote a significantly low cost for a News App development and also be done with the development at a quick pace.

Interest Generator: With a News App, a News & Media company will be omnipresent with their readers. 70% of young adults receive their news through a smart phone; A News App will be an easy way to showcase your content, media, news and stories to them.

Whenever the reader pleases, he/she can use your News App as a one-stop point to get all the information they need. And whenever content is updated on the News App, the reader will be rolled towards your App with update notifications.

Promotion Tool: Consider a sensational News cover, with either eloquent background or high national importance, now consider the news going cold because the reader never got notified or a competitor did better promoting. A News App can be a ground-wrecking tool to promote such News activities.

Promoting News subscription services with exclusive e-papers, audio & video clips etc. can be done using the News App as well. All big & hefty companies are trending and tending to direct audiences towards mobile by offering cheaper rates and offers on Apps.

This just goes to show how impactful an App is today.

Engagement portal: News companies can engage with their reader through News App, here comes the harvesting of the reader’s psyche by using our nearest & dearest friend, social media. News Apps are usually linked with social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Account linking through social media gives access to identifying the reader’s behavior on the internet. User can be engaged by being showcasing presence on news feeds. No one can avoid reading a great piece of News especially when the News is always at the tip of their fingertips (literally).

I spoke of the ‘Mobilegeddon’ before. I must mention that one can totally dodge the tremor of this conjectural storm with the use of News App. Redesigned Google search algorithms will cause major mobile sites to not show up on Google Search, one can use this as an advantage to lure in audience at the expense of competitors falling prey to the ‘Mobilegeddon’.

The ‘RIPE’ theory is but a cup of water from an ocean of opportunities a News App can provide at the behest of the company.

Above being said, I must also mention and state with pronounced eminence that an App can perform well only if the Company & the Developer both work in tandem. It is like a bicycle with two pedals and we at Daffodil believe in keeping both the pedals running for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Please share your views using the share section on the right side and if you wish to get in touch for information regarding Daffodil’s dedicated offerings to the thriving mobile App industry then drop me a mail at

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