Apps to Protect Your Android Smartphone

  • 19 Feb , 2013
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One thing which the smart phones have definitely done, is that these phones have given smarter ways for the culprits and thieves to mess around with your phone. There is important data being saved in the smart phone and thus it becomes all the more important for you to protect your phone. We have various app which gives you password protection, enables you to lock your videos, messages etc on the phone, but what if you want more? What if you need to know who has been secretly messing around with your phone?

Apps to Protect Your Android Smartphone

Nab the culprit with the help of these three advanced apps.

Anti Theft Alarm

This is fairly a simple security app which can be used, from getting theft. The limitation of this app is that it needs you to be close to your smartphone so that you would be able to hear its alarm. Here is how you can use this app for your advantage!

1. Go to Google Play store and install the Anti Theft Alarm app. The app is free and there are no limitations as per the functionality, only the randomly appearing advertisements.

2. Once you download the app, you would then need to adjust its sensitivity as per your android phone – the sensitivity works differently for different phones.

3. Specify a pattern or PIN which would thereafter be needed to switch off the alarm, once it has been triggered. If you don’t specify any pattern or PIN, it will be put to rest with a press of a button.

4. Activate alarm and be ready to have a lot of fun the next time anyone touches your phone without your permission. The alarm will blow like an irritating siren and you will be able to easily catch the culprit.

Just do not put your phone to a surface where it will be affected by vibrations etc, otherwise you will bring the entire house down and that too for no good reason.

Clip Ninja

This app is not a police, instead it is the round the clock CCTV camera or something of the sorts. The role of the app is to not lock or password protects the phone, but to keep an eye on each and every activity which transpires on your phone. Although Clip Ninja was primarily a clipboard manager and not really your own personal spy for your phone, but it works just fine for both the tasks. Here is how you can work around with the app:

1. Clip Ninja shall record everything which is typed on the phone, except for the passwords.

2. Whatever is logged in, is saved against the time it was fed into the system, thus you know when exactly the string was typed.

3. Also, you can browse through the log data with regards to the applications, thus you would get to know how many IM’s were sent from your phone in your absence, or what all was searched on Google while you left your phone away and other such information.

4. Also, you get a pattern to prevent others from accessing that database of the information.


Although this app requires the android smart phone to have a front facing camera, the app is so much fun to work around with, once you have got that covered. Each time a person tries to type in a password, a photo will be clicked, if someone has put in the wrong password. Of course that requires the phone to have a front facing camera. But that’s not all. With this app, there is a lot more that you can do:

1. It will send you the location of your phone and person’s photo who tried to use it but failed, to your email id.

2. If you send a specific message to your smart phone, you will be able to trigger certain special actions to your missing smartphone.

3. The photos captured are saved in a folder which is not that easy to locate. But you can easily view the photographs by accessing the app itself.

4. Others can not change the settings of the app, as you can protect the app with a password. Also, you can decide various settings which will trigger the front facing camera to take the photograph.

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