SharePoint 2013: Your Bullet Proof Way for Cloud Computing

  • 26 Feb , 2013
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One of the mightiest revelations in the corporate world via Microsoft has been Microsoft SharePoint, the leading collaborative tool available today. With the latest revision, Microsoft has gone a step ahead in ensuring amazing features and technical supremacy.

Before we dwell further in the discussions, let’s have a quick run through at the best features of Microsoft SharePoint, 2010 edition:

– SharePoint allows you to set up websites on a given singular infrastructure. Also, it makes it utterly simple for you to work together on documents etc, and then follow it up with reports.

– Navigate a step further and SharePoint will enable you to develop business solutions without the need of any coding as such.

– Effortless content management – different users can share information at a single platform, and when you use SharePoint with MS Office suite, content management becomes really easy and effortless.

– Extracting information and contacts with regards to a specific job becomes really easy with SharePoint.

Sounds scrumptious, right? Microsoft SharePoint has been a favorite amongst small and medium scale business owners, as it is really easy to work with, does not require any colossal introductory budget, and after a little getting used to, SharePoint becomes as easy as applying butter to your bread.

But this was all 2010, and in the current fast track technology terms, that is already obsolete. It is now time to welcome the brand new edition – SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 Your Bullet Proof Way for Cloud Computing

– Along with sharing the documents, SharePoint in its brand new Avatar also allows you to remain updated about the same through your mobile devices. Also, you can easily touch bases with your colleagues through the mobile platform itself.

– In order to organize your different projects, you can now easily integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Outlook and Project, and easily keep a track of the developments.

– SharePoint gives you a single place to stay in touch with your team and share documents, regarding the given project.

– With the services of SkyDrive Pro you may sync all such documents.

The brand new potential of SharePoint and MS office work synergizes to offer impeccable collaboration services. It becomes rather easier for you to not just share the data but meaningfully analyze it as well and share it with people within and outside the organization. the analyzing and sharing of data has been magnificently improved with the concurrent changes in the SQL Server page.

If words are hard for some of us to believe, we may want to believe the figures. Today, SharePoint alone earns $ 2 billion dollars for the Microsoft and as many as 135000 users presently are using SharePoint 2013. The latest revision also marks the inroads of social networking sites in the giant collaboration tool’s functionalities. The only motivation is to let people get things done on a much larger platform and wider canvas. People can keep a track about the documents, tags and sites and also follow other people via Activity streams, which is a feature taken from various giant social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook

Also, we always crave for a smarter working environment. Where the system may intuitively predict what we are looking for and shall contribute in the same. The new SharePoint 2013’s core engine is way smarter. It can easily analyze what an individual is presently focused on and will present all the relevant information. Also, the community sites feature of the new SharePoint allows the people with similar interests to come together under one roof and share information regarding the same. Smart people will be happy to exploit this feature in order to promote their skills, outlook and working ideologies.

Also, SharePoint 2013 is perfectly cloud ready and holds a multi disciplinary promise. It also boasts of a new multi tenant architecture and with an upgraded Windows Server 2012, it ensures greater flexibility, especially when you run it with Windows Azure or other third party cloud systems.

SharePoint 2013 provides SkyDrive as the cloud storage solution, which takes over the previous Mysites feature of SharePoint. SkyDrive Pro has various advanced features such as document preview, alerts, versioning and integration with Office with nearly 7 GB storage space, which is different from the pooled space of SharePoint 2013.

The End Note

To break it down, the new SharePoint 2013 means that you, as a small or medium sized business owner, can take full advantage of the latest cloud services and also enthrall your clients with impeccable content collaboration tools. Also, most of us are familiar with Microsoft Office and hence it will not take much of training to work around SharePoint 2013. If you have always been meaning to hop on to the cloud platform, here is an easy, cost effective and technically bullet proof way.

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