Sitefinity Reindexing Issue in Search Index: Solved

  • 28 May , 2015
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When it comes to managing Web Content, only a few players come to mind and Sitefinity is one of the most prime ones. Telerik Sitefinity is extremely content friendly with easy user integration from the back end.

However there has been a persistent snag in Sitefinity that has been bothering users for quite a while now. Reindexing the search index with the option ‘Static HTML in pages’ checked lands us with a rather in convenient error called ‘Exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown’.

The indexing function works smoothly with content blocks and events but as soon as indexing with ‘Static HTML in pages’ is marked as checked, this error pops up.

I have always been curious over problem solving and resolving errors. When I was faced against this particular one, through a troubled client, I tried various measures and means to uproot the hitch in the quickest of time.

I created a new search index and only checked the ‘Static HTML in pages’ in the option.  Then I tried reindexing this newly created search index. My efforts were of no avail as I still got the error ‘Exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown’.

Understanding the problems to its depth, and after three to four days of rigorous efforts, I came up with the following three solutions to this error:

Recreating Search Index: A rudimentary but, nonetheless, very effective approach.  Try recreating the search index. Remove the search index and delete the search index folder from

App_Data -> Sitefinity -> Search

Finally recreate the search index again.

Including RadScriptManager: Do you have RadScriptManager or RadStyleSheetManager on the master page? If yes, then you can include the RadScriptManager from page properties and use the built-in Js Script control to inject custom scripts.

Another option is adding the RadScriptManager from the code behind where you escape the crawler request (this should work for custom controls as well).


if(this.Page.Items["IsInIndexMode"] == null)</i>
<i>   // this is not a crawler request add your logic</i>

Check Redirection Page: It occurs when you have created a redirect page in your Sitefinity project and then have deleted the page to which it redirects and thus causing the error. Review the redirected pages on your side and check if the pages they redirect to are properly set and that these are existing pages in Sitefinity.

If a redirect page has an invalid link as its destination, then an error is thrown that the indexing engine doesn’t catch and that kills the process. Even if the page is recently deleted, it will still throw an error.

I hope the above solutions helped you in resolving your errors and gave you clear insights on handling such issues in Sitefinity.

If you are having similar problems with your CMS, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will get back to you within moment’s time.

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  1. Hi Prateek,
    Thanks for the solution.
    I got exactly the same issue and gone through many links but finally I got this and it worked for me.

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