Unified Mobile BI Using SSRS 2016

  • 24 Jun , 2016
  • by Suman Jha

I was away from Databases for 3 days in the last 9 months and I already have a myriad of things to talk about. Databases, be it SQL, MySQL or MongoDB, have always stirred my curiosity. Out of these SQL will always be my favorite because it has everything in it that a database developer would ever wish for.

From SQL development to administration including Data warehouse and Business Intelligence. This post is related to the Unified Mobile BI with SQL version of 2016, which is going to be introduced shortly.

Daffodil Software has been an earnest contributor towards building beautiful mobile apps for clients across the globe. In SQL, my experience has been at web applications but now the time is nigh for Big Data and Business Intelligence App.

Whether you use SQL Server Reporting Services on-premises, Power BI in the cloud, or both as your report delivery solution, we’ll have a single mobile application (for each of Windows, iOS and Android) for consumption of all report types.

Reporting tool focuses mainly on the development and delivery for mobile BI. It became available to SQL Server’s users in April 2015, since Microsoft acquired the company. With Datazen, developers can easily analyze reports, dashboards and KPIs and publish immediately on every device including mobile. Product is built around quickness and simplicity. It integrates natively with SQL Server databases and Microsoft’s security infrastructure.

With SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, we can quickly create Reporting Services mobile reports optimized for mobile devices and a variety of other form factors. Mobile reports feature an assortment of visualizations, from time, category, and comparison charts, to tree-maps and custom maps.

  • Connect your mobile reports to a range of data sources, including on-premises SQL Server and Analysis Services data.
  • Layout your mobile reports on a design surface with adjusting grid rows and columns, and flexible mobile report elements that scale well to any screen size.
  • Then save these mobile reports to a Reporting Service server, and view & interact with them in a browser or in the Power BI mobile app on i Pads, i Phones, Android phones, and Windows 10 devices.

SQL Server has become popular only in the last few years, due to its better support and community promotion. Being born and bred Indian developer it is my pride to say that India’s popular community SQLServerGeeks is going to host Asia’s First and Largest Data and Analytics Conference(#SSGAS2016) in Bengaluru (11th August to 13th August 2016).


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