Commencing Countdown to your Startup Expedition

Paving the path from your back alley to Silicon Valley

  • Get a Visual Prototype of your idea
  • Building the MVP with minimal time, cost and complexity
  • Backing the MVP with the most suitable Technology stack
  • Go-Live quick, Go-to-Market quicker!

The Accelathon Program

Accelathon is a step by step startup accelerator program. We start by digging into the idea and build from there. Making the idea realize its true potential through our seven steps program.

  • Understand your users by creating wonderful user experiences from an end-user perspective.

  • Our approach is methodical and process rich. This keeps you in line with development and setup the timeline of your MVP

  • How different component of the product system will interact with each other and with external systems.

  • A simulation of the final product with all features integrated. Enjoy the complete look and feel before the get-go.

  • Design is the wrapper that makes your ideas desirable. We work with the best designers in town to make the magic happen.

  • We suggest the best technology and practices while keeping your idea feasible and optimizing cost & performance.

  • The final step ends with you getting a hands on feel of your idea and its estimated cost of development.

Let’s start something cool