Our Healthcare Development Services

EMR/EHR Solutions

Deliver better diagnosis and treatment with accurate personal health records. Ensure faster care and decision-making responses by optimizing workflows and recording demographic information, patient vitals, chief complaint charting, evaluation, etc. using custom EMR/EHR solutions. We develop intuitive and robust healthcare software solutions that increase the number of patients served per day and reduce operational costs, enhance patient workflow and deliver better patient outcomes.

Fitness Apps

Fitness tracking mobile apps to track activities, weight, exercise routines, diabetes readings, and sleep patterns, etc. integrated with wearable technology and other wearable medical hardware. Track, monitor and pivot better with next-gen applications that possess the latest tech such as IoT, Artificial intelligence, Voice commands, deep learning, etc. Such technologies can help in regular tracking of health vitals and take necessary steps for its improvement.

Healthcare Information Exchange

Allow effective interaction and promote collaboration by enabling a real-time flow of information between different stakeholders, healthcare networks, and organizations in healthcare delivery on a collaborative, secure and stable platform. Ensure robustness and scalability with centralized, federated or hybrid HIE architecture, including the programming of messaging protocols, user interfaces, mobile applications on secure cloud servers.

Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

Manage patient-physician interaction, resource scheduling, patient registration, custom reporting, and MIS reports, etc using custom HIS solutions. Improve the quality of patient care using automation for clinical, EMR, administrative and inventory functions and increase efficiency in the healthcare delivery process, while maintaining the security, compliance and meaningful use of healthcare data.

Tele-health Solutions

Get assistance in diagnosis and monitoring through web portals and mobile apps that facilitate the remote exchange of data between patients at home and their clinicians. Provide technology-assisted ancillary services during primary care or urgent care through easy-to-use patient engagement systems, and on-demand virtual doctor apps featuring video-streaming and call-routing technology.


On-Demand Healthcare

Overcome the problems of uneven distribution of clinicians by creating on-demand healthcare models such as on-demand doorstep delivery, doctor on-demand or virtual pharmacists. Effective and efficient utilization of healthcare resources will avoid wastage of time and effort for both the parties i.e. the clinician and the patient. In addition to that, mobile applications are an ideal approach to access and provide help to a large number of patients.

Healthcare Software Development Case Studies

Building an Emergency Care Monitoring App for Hospitals

HiNT wanted to reduce the communication gap between paramedics and the emergency response team to ensure that on-time treatment is provided to patients who suffer a sudden stroke, STEMI, or any other trauma. As a solution, mobile apps for Android and iOS were developed with different roles: Paramedics, Charge Nurse, Business Clerk, and Doctor. These apps allow all stakeholders to better coordinate and start the treatment ASAP. Explore how Daffodil developed a collaborative Emergency Care Monitoring App for hospitals.

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Building a Practice Management System (PMS) for Clinics

A leading healthcare center in the UK, having a network of clinics for inpatient and outpatient treatment wanted to develop a Practice Management System that can streamline and automate medical practices for clinical staff, general practitioners (GPs), and the consultants. They came to us for this healthcare software project and a web-based Practice Management System and Referral Management System was developed by Daffodil using PHP, MongoDB, and Office 365 as core technologies.

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What Makes Us The Top Healthcare Software Development Company?

Latest technology integrations

Create healthcare software consisting of all the latest technologies. This results in better patient outcomes, healthcare delivery and accurate diagnostics using artificial intelligence, healthcare data security through Blockchain, assistive technology, and efficiency through chatbots, and innovation through the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), etc.

Subject matter experts in compliances & regulations

Implement multiple safeguards and protect sensitive personal and health-related information of patients by creating a software that enables safe information exchange. Develop healthcare IT solutions that are in accordance with all the required compliances and regulations such as HIPAA compliance, FDA regulations, data breach laws, etc. to create an infrastructure for secure communication among patients and clinicians.

Software solutions for all domains in Healthcare

Get one-stop solutions for all your technological roadblocks as we expertise in creating every healthcare solution according to your requirements. We have ample experience in developing software solutions such as practice management systems, on-demand healthcare systems, telling healthcare services, medicine adherence systems, RTHS.

Pro-active maintenance and support

Enhance reliability and improve productivity with great focus on our technological approach and a team of 50+ logistics software developers having expertise in developing more than 100 applications. Develop logistics software that is distinct, innovative, scalable, and disruptive and deliver a sustainable competitive edge.

Our Software Engineering Approach

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products

  • Clearly defined user stories
  • Sprint Planning
  • Test driven development
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Mid sprint and end sprint demos
  • Scrum velocity optimization
  • Weekly backlog review and planning
  • Regular project management through Agile-centric project management software

We leverage DevOps approach to automate, optimize and monitor project delivery pipeline & quality.

  • Continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Deployment automation via pipelines
  • Continuous and iterative development
  • Cloud native CI/CD
  • Test automation (Unit, UI, Acceptance)
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Microservices architecture augmentation
  • Application release automation
  • Monitoring and feedback automation

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Cost and Time Model

We discuss and define the expected deliverables for your project and determine a fixed price and time line mutually.

Best suited for projects where there is absolute clarity about the requirements and specifications

  • Know exactly what you’re getting up front, and how much will it cost
  • Requires no change in price unless your needs change
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Upgrade or cancel anytime

Dedicated Team Model

Get a free hand over a team of developers with high level of transparency, flexibility and scalability.

Best suited for long term development projects with continuous requirements and changes

  • No hidden costs
  • 180 hours of guaranteed production
    every month
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done