School Bus Monitoring App
Yellow.Live is a sister concern of Applane Solutions, a well established ERP product company in India which is a cloud based school management ERP software used by more than a thousand Educational Institutes across India and globe.
The client had an innovative idea of developing a school bus tracking solution that not only provide real time tracking of school buses to parents but also help school authorities to keep a check on their fleet they are in transit. The requirement was to develop a holistic web and mobile fleet management solution with integrated features like real time tracking and notifications to parents, in-vehicle cctv survillance, RFID based bus attendance, route record and optimization, driver information etc. An admin panel was also required to enter the information of each student and sync it with their assigned bus and their parent's mobile app.
To develop the business logic of this application, apropos to the client's requirement was a complex task at hand. Numerous test cases were developed, for instance, workflow for multiple students from a single parent, workflow in case the student misses the school bus, and much more. Daffodil executed this project with extreme astuteness and delivered an integrated web and mobile application vis-a-vis the requirements. A seperate portal was developed for the transport admin wherein he/she can upload the students's information in bulk and then match the appropriate fields. A custom dashboard was developed for the school authorities wherein they can create custom reports around the timings, routes, fuel consumption etc for all ther buses.An Android and iOS app was developed for the parents, that provides real time location of their kid's school bus on Google Maps, with acute level of accuracy and preciseness.
The application received an overwhelming response from the school authorities and the parents
The application has been implemented in more than 100 schools across India, and around 10,000 active users in 6 months
School authorities have reported a 20% efficiency in their fleet upon implementing the solution
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