Mobile App for Astrologers
Our Client is in the business of horoscope predictions. It acts as mediator between the experts who practice Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vaastu, Psychic, Palmistry, Healing etc and prospective customers who need it. Their aim is to attract positive energy and drive away negative energy through their expertise solution.
Our client wanted a mobile app solution on Android and iOS platforms. The user designs given were too web oriented, so he wanted a dynamic UX to ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next, and next level UI designs to create exceptional user experience. There were issues with real-time loading of information due to changes made in the API from web services as there were multiple API’s involved.
We made sure that there is smooth execution and proper quality management in the mobile app development. Our team built the theme based user designs to create better look of app and UX was strategically structured for better workflow and our team also suggested how to improve the feature of the application for better results. We accomplished client’s trust and loyalty through our quality work and approach and he shifted his web service hosting from other technology company to us.
Better reach and penetration of target audience
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Increased revenue
Increased user engagement
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