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Car Pooling Application
The Client is a Colombian Taxi company which facilitates top notch Taxi services in the Colombian region. They believe in providing honest and just services complying with the Colombian laws, and thus they needed a secure and transparent App to help them in becoming one of the largest Taxi Companies on Columbia.
The Client wanted to monetize and automate carpooling in Colombia, a workflow system of an App to make extensive use of location tracking, maps, and routing, geographic search on travel routes and pickup points.
Daffodil went ahead and offered a myriad of services to The Client such as MongoDB & Node.js web services, PAYU payment integration, APNS and GCM integration for Push notifications, Twillio and Sendgrid integration for SMS and email services, Facebook SDK integration, Google maps and Google places web services for in App maps and routing, TLS security certificate integration and Transaction signature checks for extra security, UI customization on iOS and Android for consistent look across platforms.
App is a fresh take on carpooling among social and professional networks of people, with monetary benefits
App helps connect people for a common cause, helps reduce traffic on roads
App generates monetary income for car owners as well as app’s business
The concept attracted lot of traction in Colombia and more than 10k users were there on the system in first couple months.
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