Fashion e-Commerce App
Style Fiesta is a trend-driven e-commerce website for fashion jewelry & accessories. Alongside an interactive and navigational platform to buy accessories, the app assists its users with latest styling tips provided by live experts.
The mobile market was always a lucrative section that the client wanted to siphon. Though initially driven by the requirement of a native app, Daffodil was quick to comprehend many another challenge of building a performance optimized native app for their Shopify portal. Our client was also looking forward to introduce new features on the websitesync the app inventory to that of the website.
Shopify ecosystem is not designed to support API for Mobile apps or other customer centric interfaces. So, to extract maximum benefits out of a native app, Daffodil suggested client to migrate from its current platform from Shopify to Magento. We started by migrating their Shopify portal to a Magento 1.9 portal. Our suggestion to migrate was purely based on building a much more customizable native app as the APIs of Magento 1.9 was better than what Shopify could provide us at that time. We provided custom API for mobile apps for building mobile apps for Magento so that the performance of apps could be better than what provided by the default APIs. After development, we have written data porting utility using Shopify API to migrated their entire customer data and inventory from Shopify to Magento.
Customer demand increased substantially
Superlative native apps on iOS and Android
Migration to a free platform (Magento 1.9) while maintaining the exact same brand image
Better engagement with customers, customer relationship and inventory management
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