Food Ordering App
The client is an independent contractor from California and also a product development engineer who has delivered many projects in ecommerce and finance domains. He had a unique idea of a food ordering application that also showed nutritional information of various food items.
Our client was seeking a food tech app solution on Android and iOS platform where he can address common issues of customers such as nutritional transparency and delivery time tracking. He was looking for a proper user management solution to manage service providers as well as users who are willing to use this app for themselves. He wanted an attractive, efficient and user-friendly interface which can engage customers and maintain a sleek flow of application for better experience. He intended to have a dynamic platform where he can build his database of different restaurants and customers.
After a numerous rounds of discussions with the client, our product team clearly outlined the client's requirements and expectations. Our developerd followed Agile development methodology to cater chages during the development phase. Our tech team provided them with an interface where users can maintain their own profile via registering in the app, search for restaurants using their own filters and order online. A proper category was outlined within the app based on quickness of delivery, nutritional value and price. Socket IO and Map based real time order tracking module was designed and integrated in the app.
Unique features to find restaurants and place order were implemented
More than 1000 restaurants were associated
Common issues of the customers were addressed creatively, which eventually led substantial increase in number of customers and number of downloads
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