Healthcare Startup
iSikCure is a Nairobi-based health care app aiming to revolutionize the health sector of Africa through technology
In Kenya, 1.7 million households report an illness every four weeks. Additionally, approximately six million adult Kenyans with diabetes and hypertension need follow-up care every four weeks.Yet, access to information on where, when and how to seek quality care, diagnostics and medicines is a challenge for households in Kenya and in Africa. Also, the poor infrastructure for care of acute and chronic diseases, along with the emergency of priority disease areas such as hypertension, diabetes and stroke is a major problem. iSikCure app was aiming to counter these challenges with a healthcare appointment booking app.
Our team designed an integrated system for Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy and Labs that helps patients or households to conveniently find qualified doctors, laboratory services and original medicines when in need of care. The service runs on a mobile application that offers convenience and choice with lots of benefits for patients and providers. This unique platform adds more value to Kenya’s healthcare system by providing convenient, trustworthy, and a fully integrated solution to patients, healthcare providers, distributors and wholesalers, as well as employers. A detailed database of Medicine was prepared in the MongoDB for faster retrieval of the medicine details to present to the user.
The app features Connect with Doctors via Chat/Video Call
Appointment scheduling to visits Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies, Laboratories
Submit Claims to Employers, Insurance Providers
Show availability of Medicines with costs
Connect Clinics, Pharmacies with Wholesalers and Automate Orders
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