Social Networking for Golfers
A social media platform for golfers that facilitates hosting tournaments, invite players to join, compete, and have fun. The app include features to create activities, schedule them, invite connection to participate, and much more.
Our client wanted a social media app for Android and iOS platforms where golf players can be invited to participate in the tournaments hosted by them. With this, the app should share details like venue, score of individual player (corresponding their profile), and update them about forthcoming activities. They wanted an app with simple UI so that their users can easily understand the app workflow and engage with it as needed.
We designed and developed the online social golfer network which was highly appreciated by our client. An admin interface was built where one can manage tournaments, user profiles as well as check schedules of upcoming and running games. A feature of real time score data was integrated within the app. Players were also allowed to visit any golf course and schedule a new game in which they can invite other app users as well.
Unique social, business & sports app
Surge of downloads in the release week
Sublime UI & UX finish
Surpassed expected customer satisfaction
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