Travel Portal Development
Our client is a travel company with heavy experience and presence in the travel industry. They offer their services to the Greek and international markets, applying a flexible business model and keeping in line with the international development of the travel and tourism industries.
Their web portal provides hotels, flights, itinerary packages, booking facilities etc. It allows implementation of multiple APIs to show hotel description based on criterion such as booking availability, room availability, booking status, and automates invoice generation, cancellation process, modification process etc. It is a multilingual website with Google maps and social media integration. They were unsatisfied with their architectural design and were facing speed issues with minimum load. They wanted to implement static data management from different booking services, data sync tool and a booking services certification process.
Daffodil implemented their requirements and reskinned the website to suit their architectural needs. Database queries were increased twofold and the portal had 95% faster page loading.
Multilingual support with 6 languages
Advanced search options with criteria such as amenities, price range, distance etc.
Improved satisfaction of clients
Reduced costs on hardware and software by using open source products
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