Trip Planning App
Our client is the Co-Founder of a renowned Bangalore based company. They are in the business of renting motorcycles including high-end and premium bikes such as Harley Davidson, Continental GT, Triumph – Bonneville etc. where users can rent it on hourly or day basis. They are also working closely with various agencies in solving the last mile connectivity problems seen in metros and Tier II cities.
The client wanted a mobile app on Android and iOS platforms where users can plan their trip individually or with their friends and family, plot their stations during trip, and share their experience via photos and videos. The trip status (upcoming, ongoing, or completed) needed to be specified using certain colors. A feature where users can find the closest utilities as per the halt location while planning the trip so that their friends can track them. They were seeking an attribute where users can recommend their trip to friends and friends of friends and montage should be created out of photos shared by the users.
Daffodil understood all their requirements and gave them a mobile app solution with all the features they wanted. The UI/UX designs were fully customized by our designers with expandable attribute. Geo fencing technique was used so that closest utilities should be visible to users. This app was linked with Facebook where user can recommend the trip to friend or friend of friends. As node JS does not supports montage creation, so our team used a Node JS supportive library which can download images and return a video from it.
UI/UX modified to return maximum number of downloads
A fluid monetary channel through the mobile apps
Customer satisfaction through this one of a kind trip planning portal.
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