Customizable ERP Software for hospitals to automate operations.

Achieve operational precision, improve workflows across patient management, ward management, nursing management, human resource, inventory management, and finance management. Lower your cost and offer high-grade patient care.

Close all loops in communication and access patient’s relevant information in just one click.


Custom HRMS
Fully Customizable
scalable HRMS
Scalable & Adaptable
CMMI Level 3 Complaint
Mobile First & Intuitive
Easy to Implement
Implementation in managed testing services
Real-Time Data Integeration

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    Trusted by the best for their healthcare solutions.

    Elevate your healthcare journey with Daffodil's bespoke ERP, designed for hospitals and clinics!

    Experience the convenience of our highly flexible module options: 

    • Patient Registration
    • Appointment Scheduling 
    • OPD Management
    • IPD Management
    • Pharmacy
    • Department Management
    • Laboratory Management
    • TPA Management
    • Electronic Medical Record 
    • Billing and Invoicing 
    • Security and Access Control

    Why Daffodil’s customizable ERP?

      • Features
      • Reports, Metrics & KPIs
      • Scalability
      • Integrations
      • Ease of use
      • Security
      • Competitive Advantage
      • Daffodil's customizable ERP
      • Features Customized as per your hospital
      • Reports, Metrics & KPIs Customized as per your hospital
      • Scalability Fully scalable
      • Integrations Deep integrations with any business software
      • Ease of use Highly intuitive & customized as per your use
      • Security Highly secure
      • Competitive Advantage High as the software is made exclusively for you
    • Daffodil's customizable ERP
    • Generic SAAS or off-the-shelf Software
    • Features
    • Customized as per your hospital
    • Standard, one size fits all
    • Reports, Metrics & KPIs
    • Customized as per your hospital
    • Standard, one size fits all
    • Scalability
    • Fully scalable
    • Medium scalability with a standard feature set
    • Integrations
    • Deep integrations with any business software
    • Integrates with a few market-leading software
    • Ease of use
    • Highly intuitive & customized as per your use
    • Moderate to a high learning curve
    • Security
    • Highly secure
    • Highly secure
    • Competitive Advantage
    • High as the software is made exclusively for you
    • Low as you are using a generic software

    A 360° ERP Solution Encompasses:

    Outpatient Department(OPD) Management

    Experience seamless OPD management with our cutting-edge solution, empowering you to optimize appointment scheduling, enhance clinical efficiency, and prioritize patient satisfaction.

    • Patient Registration
    • Token Management
    • Electronic Health Record
    • Medicine Allocation
    • Lab Test Registration
    • Billing
    • Reports and Analytics
    hr mgmt solutions

    Inpatient Department (IPD) Management

    Optimize your inpatient department with our intuitive IPD system,engineered to optimize bed allocation, enhance patient care, and streamline clinical processes.

    • Patient Admission
    • Patient Consumables & Patient Transfer Management
    • Lab and Pharmacy Integration
    • Ward and OT Management
    • Billing & Discharge
    • Visitor Information Management
    • Reports
    hr mgmt solutions

    Pharmacy Management

    Elevate your pharmacy to new heights with our comprehensive Pharmacy Management system, designed to simplify workflows, ensure medication safety, and drive business growth.

    • Stock & Supplier Management
    • Low Stock and Expiry Alerts
    • OP and IP Integration
    • Pricing and Billing Management
    • Reports and Analytics
    • Security and Compliance
    • Real-time Data Integration
    hr mgmt solutions

    Department Management

    Experience unparalleled department performance with our management solution,tailored to improve team coordination, simplify task management, and enhance productivity.

    • Department wise Stock Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Employee Details & Salary Slip
    • Asset Management
    • Holiday Calendar
    • Auction of Fixed Assets
    • User & Patient Wise Reports
    hr mgmt solutions

    Laboratory Management

    With our advanced laboratory management solution, facilitate efficient testing, integrate data seamlessly and experience consistent accurate results.

    • Patient Registration
    • Sample Collection
    • Sample Routing
    • OP and IP integration
    • Lab test Open and Close
    • Test Reports
    hr mgmt solutions

    Blood Bank Management

    Simplify your hospital's blood bank processes with our innovative system, expertly crafted to facilitate efficient blood collection, seamless transfusion management, and reliable performance.

    • Donor Management
    • Blood Collection and Processing
    • Inventory Management
    • Blood Transfusion and Compatibility Testing
    • Expiry Alerts
    • Reports and Analytics
    • Waste Management and Disposal
    hr mgmt solutions

    Accounts Management

    Designed for effortless account supervision, customized for accurate payroll processing, and simplifying the nuances of income tax governance.

    • Attendance linked with Biometric
    • Salary Management
    • Income tax Management
    • Arrear Management
    hr mgmt solutions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the benefits of leveraging an ERP software for hospitals??

      ERP help healthcare providers reduce their efforts by automating clinical tasks making the daily functioning of healthcare organizations quick and hassle-free. Here are the benefits they offer: The quality of care delivery is boosted with seamless workflows and fewer errors. Enables holistic decision-making by improving communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. It helps reduce costs with tools to improve revenue cycle management. Patient data is accessible in real-time and is stored securely. It enhances patient engagement and overall satisfaction.

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    • What types of data does an ERP use?

      Here are the types of data that ERP use: Clinical data is collected from observation during ongoing patient care. Patient data consists of details about the patient, i.e., their name, age, and contact details as well as treatment history. Laboratory data involves records of tests conducted on the patient, imaging, and radiology data. Inventory data helps keep stock of equipment, pharmaceuticals, etc. required for the daily functioning of a healthcare organization. Financial and Legal data consists of information about assets, liabilities, cash flow and regulatory compliance.

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    • What are some key features of an ERP?

      An ERP is an amalgamation of several tools that facilitate clinical workflows and support allied operations of a healthcare organization. Some features of ERP include: Billing System Doctor Timetables and Patient Scheduling System Inventory Monitoring and Purchase Management Patient and Doctor-facing Mobile Apps Insurance and Credit Tracking Emergency Care Module General Information and Inquiries Module

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    • How do I choose the right ERP?

      Some of the factors to consider when choosing an ERP include the system’s ease of use, customizability, scalability, security features, and interoperability with other systems. Moreover, it is also important to weigh the ERP vendor’s track record, experience in the industry, and pricing structures. All the stakeholders who may be affected by the ERP must be included in the decision-making process to arrive at the right solution for the organization.

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