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Enabling Disruptors to

Validate product ideas

Our exclusive Discover & Frame workshop enables you to validate concepts and transform ideas into concrete requirements. The data-driven proof of concept enables you to pursue ideas that have real business value and can generate profitable revenue.

Transform product vision to reality

Bring your most complex real estate software ideas to life with our full-cycle development services. Having built more than 50 web and mobile-based solutions in the real estate domain, Daffodil is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market through UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration, and product sustainability.

Turn data into insights

Custom software solutions to handle structured or unstructured data to identify and develop new business opportunities. We help you discover, interpret and communicate relevant and useful patterns in data and get rich visualization of the resulting insights and reports.

Modernize legacy software systems

Whether your software is lacking versatility due to old application structure, hosted on inefficient servers, or suffer from outdated interface designs, we help you re-engineer and modernize your legacy system, while maintaining data integrity and security with minimal downtime.

Our Real Estate Software Solutions


Real Estate CRM Solutions

Custom cloud-based CRM software solutions with smart algorithms, pipeline management, marketing automation, and rule-based notifications integrated with emails and SMS services.

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On-demand Applications

Develop on-demand property booking applications with custom front-end UI, desired business logic, advanced admin dashboards, virtual tour functionality with scalability and robust in nature.

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Auction/Reverse Auction Applications

Sturdy cloud-based applications to conduct offline and online auction/reverse auction of properties allowing collaboration of all stakeholders – individuals, agents, and banks.


Mortgage Applications

Develop custom mortgage solutions with features like mortgage servicing, amortization, loan origination with options for online application submission, decision support, risk assessments etc.


Real Estate ERP Solutions

Obtain better visibility to meet the dynamic market conditions. With our ERP solutions which you can handle residential and commercial properties data, cash flow visibility, seamless inventory management and online leasing.

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Property Management Solutions

Develop custom property management solutions that help in monitoring, administration, and supervision of properties by facilitating task automation tools and multi-property management interfaces.

Customer Success Stories


Docu-tools saves about 20% of the costs of real estate projects by managing compliances through a compliance management app.

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Ringley UK, leading providers of property solutions transforms their idea of rental management through web and mobile app

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Building an IoT enabled Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

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product engineering

Product Engineering

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product engineering

Smart Teams

Boost your development with our cross-functional experts

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Enterprise Solutions

Create efficiencies at a large scale delivering hyper growth

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  • Actionable insights on which technology would suit your requirements
  • Industry specific best practices that can be applied to your project
  • Implementation and engagement plan of action
  • Ballpark estimate and time-frame for development