Custom Software Development

Daffodil leverages design thinking approach for custom software development, coupled with the latest technology stack and time-proven methodologies

We help you to:

Validate product ideas

Our exclusive Discover & Frame workshop enables you to validate concepts and transform ideas into concrete requirements. The data-driven proof of concept helps you to pursue ideas that have real business value and can generate profitable revenue.

Transform software vision to reality

As a full-cycle custom software development company, bring yous most complex solutions to life. Having built more than 1000 software solutions for a varied set of industries, Daffodil is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market.

Innovate & stay ahead of the curve

Our R&D labs continuously experiment with the latest technologies, design patterns, and development methodologies to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our research provides you with a strategic advantage for challenges that require breakthrough solutions.

Accelerate project delivery

Our team of 1000+ cross-functional experts can join you at any stage of the custom software development life cycle - allowing you to flex your team to meet a specific skill requirement, speed up time-to-market and ensure the quality of your product.

Modernize legacy software applications

Whether your software solution is lacking versatility due to old application structure, inefficient servers, or suffer from outdated interface designs, we help you re-engineer and modernize your legacy software applications, while maintaining data integrity and security with minimal downtime.

Automate business processes

Our team understands that automation is the need of the hour in any industry to operate efficiently and be ahead of the competition.With the help of resources, technology and innovative minds at our disposal, we aim at automating your business processes for better functionality and operational efficiency.

Our Custom Software Development Services Include

Discover & Frame Workshop

An efficient and fastest way to create a development road-map for your software product idea. This program is orchestrated to ensure that we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea, target users, competitors, and revenue model to develop a market-fit product.

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Software Development

Agile driven software development methodology coupled with razor-edge technology stack. As a custom software development company, we ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products through engineering best practices and Agile principles.

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Software Re-engineering

Re-engineer legacy applications to latest technology stack with modern UI/UX and high performance. Daffodil helps you to free your applications from out-dated interfaces by re-designing them to modern UI/UX.

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Software Testing Services

Ensure maximum test coverage and quality of your software application with our software testing services entailing manual as well as automation testing procedures. Daffodil’s software testing expertise spans a wide range of software applications including client-server apps, web apps, mobile apps, high-volume transaction applications, and highly complex software systems.

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Managed Cloud Services

Optimize the cost, agility and scalability of your IT ecosystem for highest level of performance.Automate and monitor your IT ecosystems with our cutting edge zero-touch infrastructure automation, continuous integration, and delivery model.

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Support & Maintenance

Preventive and proactive software maintenance and support to future-proof your software products. Identify bugs and potential risks within your solutions, and get a swift. long-term resolution that gets you covered and running quickly.

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Get Started with Daffodil Software

Iterative Development Approach
to automate, optimize and monitor software delivery pipeline & quality

1. Plan and Measure

  • Identify client expectations
  • Freeze requirements into modules, their user stories, and acceptance criteria, Identify key parameters for project success
  • Set up project milestones
  • Set up change management process
  • Identify resources and skill-set required

2. UX & Architecture Design

  • Orchestrate technical and solution architecture
  • Identify integration points
  • Setup functional and non-functional criteria
  • Define user experience (UX) and design user interface (UI)

3. Build, package & Test

  • Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline
  • Orchestrate infrastructure environments
  • Perform continuous testing and regression

4. Release & Deploy

  • Setup automated ways to push code to dev and test environments
  • Perform necessary service calls to web servers, databases, and other services

5. Monitor & Optimize

  • Setup Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Feedback procedures
  • Monitor the application performance & ensure performance benchmarks are maintained
  • Implement customer feedback and remove bugs & glitches

Customer Success Stories

Why Daffodil Software?

Meaningful Difference, Real Value

Recognized by Leading Analysts:
  • Featured as Aspirants in Software Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 by Everest Group
  • Mentioned by Frost & Sullivan research as a company to watch out for in ‘AI for Public Sector category
  • Emerging Niche Player under ER&D services, S&M service providers, Artificial Intelligence, digital engineering services, and consumer software by Zinnov Zones in 2020
  • Emerging Niche Player under the ‘Overall ER&D Zones.’ by Zinnov in 2019
  • Featured as one of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in India by Deloitte
  • Featured as one of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies in APAC region by Deloitte
Dedicated Practices & Consulting Approach:

Uncover the right tech for your toughest business problems through our team of seasoned subject matter experts and technologists. Dedicated practice heads for:

  • AI Solutions
  • QA & Testing Automation
  • Mobility
  • DevOps
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Open Source Technologies

Strong Associations and Partnerships:

Global Team and Mature Processes:

Diverse workforce located throughout the world with world-class and integrated processes

  • 1000+ People
  • 20 years of organizational experience
  • Offices in US, India and UAE

Get in Touch

Sign up for a 30 min no-obligation strategic session with us

Let us understand your business objectives, set up initial milestones, and plan your software project.

At the end of this 30 min session, walk out with:
  • Validation of your project idea/ scope of your project
  • Actionable insights on which technology would suit your requirements
  • Industry specific best practices that can be applied to your project
  • Implementation and engagement plan of action
  • Ballpark estimate and time-frame for development