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Daffodil Software provides custom AI/ML development services helping businesses to redefine their processes while generating valuable insights, optimizing business processes, and identifying new patterns for improved productivity. 

Leverage our expertise in building AI models for high-end solutions such as predictive analytics, facial recognition, voice assistant, natural language processing, chatbot development, etc. Streamline your crucial decision-making processes, enhance marketing strategies, reduce errors & risks, and improve processes leading to an increase in performance & real-time actionable insights.

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Our AI development solutions

AI consulting

Evaluate your organization’s AI readiness with our AI consulting services. Our AI experts will help you in aligning your business objectives and challenges with possible AI-based solutions, assessing ROI and a potential roadmap.

Generative AI services & solutions

Our Generative AI solutions generate new content, predict trends, and simulate scenarios to provide you with in-depth insights and foresight for strategic planning.

Data engineering

Combine data engineering with AI solutions to utilize your big data and datasets to their full potential with our data engineering experts to bring your AI solutions to life.

Machine learning consulting

Analyze your existing ML solutions and build new systems that leverage Machine Learning (ML) development to interpret complex data, detect trends, and identify similar patterns to assist organizations in critical business decisions.

Computer vision

Incorporate computer vision solutions to enable capabilities such as object recognition and image classification. Develop computer vision solutions with features like OCR, facial recognition, biometric authentication, etc.


Simplify your machine learning cycle with our MLOps solutions. Deploy and maintain your machine learning models in production reliably and efficiently automating and standardizing ML workflows across your organization.

Natural language processing

Enable machines to understand and comprehend data including search-related queries, business data entries, audio sources, and web data, with our NLP software solutions. Program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data and eliminate the need to communicate with the computer in its unequivocal language.

Chatbot development

Develop intuitive, smart, and scalable chatbot applications with our AI/ML development services to better comprehend the content of conversations and provide human-like experiences to customers. 

Conversational AI

Exceptional and personalized communication experience for your customers with our conversational AI solutions while achieving real outcomes for your business. 

Predictive analytics solution

Unravel data patterns, future possibilities, and potential risks with our predictive analytics services. Make well-informed decisions for your business using our forecasting, and budgeting solutions, enabling you to identify patterns and mitigate future losses with the help of deep learning while building significant business value.

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Uncover the right tech for your toughest business problems through our team of seasoned subject matter experts and technologists. Dedicated practice heads for:

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We create advanced AI software solutions to help you gain a competitive advantage for your business. 

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