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Extract meaningful insights from your data with our business intelligence services. Our expert data analysts can identify business opportunities and gaps in operations through powerful data visualization techniques. Our interactive dashboards give you instant insights into your business operations to let you devise business strategies that are rooted in facts.

Business Intelligence Services and Data Analytics

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Business intelligence services - BI solutions & consulting

Our Business Intelligence services include:

Business intelligence consulting

Identify gaps and opportunities with powerful insights through different data visualization techniques. Our team of experts ensures the best in class BI consulting services enabling our clients to solve different business problems holistically and achieve unprecedented results.

Implementation of BI applications

Derive maximum value from your business analytics solution ranging from data management and warehousing to data analytics and reporting. We offer implementation services for market-proven tools such as Tableau and Power BI etc.

Enterprise BI solutions

Our services can integrate data from various formats collated from different departments of your firm into safe storage for further analysis. Our Business intelligence services for enterprises support the complete analytics process, starting from data ingestion to data visualization.

Data warehousing & ETL solutions

Manage your data with our custom-built data warehouse and extraction-transform-load (ETL) process to go with it. We integrate data model designs that allow you to manage data in multiple dimensions while facilitating data mapping, Master Data Management (MDM), and Metadata Management.

Data visualization services

Uncover insights and recommendations with the help of executive dashboards & reports. We help in developing meaningful criteria to define the KPIs that give you a high-definition picture of your business’ performance and incorporate them into your dashboard.

Power BI development services

Simplify & strengthen decision-making with immersive visuals, advanced analytics, and dynamic dashboards using our Power BI development services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business intelligence?

Most organizations have a large amount of historical data that is seldom put to good use. Business intelligence helps in extracting meaningful and actionable insights from data, using powerful analytics tools.
BI Capabilities include:
1. Data collection, storage, and management
2. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
3. Data analysis
4. Dashboard/report generation

BI is primarily divided into two types:
1. Statistical BI
Statistical BI includes using data science and machine learning for statistical and predictive analysis of data
2. Operational BI
This includes data collection, storage, and management, the use of BI for analysis, and the creation of dashboards for reporting. 

While marketing analytics or CRM (customer relationship management) tools are adept at analyzing data gathered from the corresponding business functions, business intelligence services gather data from all functions and represent it in a way that’s easy to comprehend and can provide tangible business value.
For example, BI can combine data from marketing activities and CRM to figure out the impact marketing has had on acquiring or retaining customers.