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Our Success Stories

  • Pramerica Insurance

    Premerica leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to mask sensitive data of 500,000 customers with 98% accuracy.

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  • FS Group

    FS Group takes a giant leap by providing digital security solutions to mobile carriers across Brazil and Latin America through a custom VPN framework

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  • MercaDolar

    mercaDolar wields digital innovation to make currency exchange safe and secure across the US and Venezuela through a currency exchange platform.

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  • A Multi-Specialty Hospital

    A NYC based hospital with over 7000+ practitioners improves clinical outcomes for patients suffering from cardiogenic shock through an emergency response app.

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  • Shifo Foundation

    Shifo, a non-profit organization leverages data technology to make healthcare delivery more accountable and transparent.

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Technology is ours to shape.

Daffodil Software is a software technology partner to 100+ organizations across the globe. With our roots into innovation, tech agility & time proven processes, our team of 600+ technologists strive to shape the tech industry and help business elevate their value proposition through technology.

Our ability to look beyond technologies and deliver innovative solutions are not the only things that set us apart. At the core of Daffodil lies a growth-oriented culture and set of impeccable values that define and guide us in this journey to perfection.

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