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Build a robust defense system against cyber threats with our managed security services:

Keeping up with the ever evolving cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities can turn into a tiresome and a costly affair for your business. Through our Managed Security Services (MSS), we can bring the relevant expertise and execution needed to fortify your business from prevalent and upcoming cyber threats.

Daffodil Software partners with organisation to build a robust defense against the most persistent cyber vulnerabilities. With global expertise, scalability, and continuous monitoring, assessment and response; your dynamic application environment is protected round the clock so you can focus on driving innovation with agility.

About Managed Security Services (MSS)

How we cater to the overall digital defense ecosystem of your business?

Value we deliver to the overall digital defense ecosystem of your business with MSS

Our managed security service offerings:

Web application security

Web application security is crucial in today’s times as web apps are often targeted by cybercriminals to access sensitive information, disrupt services, or spread malware. Let us make security and reliability the cornerstone of your web applications.

Mobile application security

Vulnerable applications offer a backdoor entry to critical data stored in applications which could be catastrophic. We fortify your application infrastructure for sealed protection so that no harm comes to your company.

API security
API security

Security plays a paramount role in API management as it exposes critical company assets to the internet but managed security services help you with various API offerings during all stages of development. API safety is achieved via extensive testing and in-depth analysis of API threats.

Cloud security
Cloud security

We guide your organization towards a comprehensive, future-proof cloud-first cybersecurity infrastructure. Our security services utilize continuous visibility, management and remediation to give you the best experience while working on your goals.

DevSecOps services

Our holistic security services protect the entire development stack and DevOps pipeline. With our experience and understanding in place, sturdy security environments at all stages of the software development cycle and future proofed your software services are a given.

Threat modeling services
Threat modeling services

Detailed analysis of the architectural posture of the application by our security experts will prepare you to face any threat with confidence. This will keep all hazards at bay and ensure no harm to the application’s structure and processes.

Compliance and regulatory services
Compliance and regulatory services

Our managed security services make sure you are up to date and in full compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. A regular review of security measure and processes will inform your business of any shortcomings and these gaps will be proactively filled by our security experts.

Get ahead of cyber risks with our customized managed security services

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Benefits of getting MSS in place!

Cost efficiency

One of the main advantages of an MSSP is that you get to utilize expertise and services that your company doesn’t have to invest in a lot.

Enhanced security posture

The latest tools and technologies are always up to the task to detect and handle threats. This reduces the risk of being attacked by an external threat.

Access to specialized security tools & knowledge

With specialized knowledge and experience in various areas of cybersecurity and can supply services such as threat intelligence and monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and incident response, you’re well guarded for the long run.

Confidence and peace of mind

Knowing that the security is in the hands of experienced professionals, your business can be confident and have stability towards achieving organizational goals.

Our expertise across technologies:

Innovation redefined

Our agile and adaptable security software solutions always have your back.

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Tailored solutions to ensure the highest level of security in these industries:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is meant by managed security services?

It is basically a service model or capability model provided by security companies to monitor and defend networks and systems from cyber threats. MSSPs typically deliver these services on a subscription basis or on flexible engagement plans. It can be a cost effective initiative compared to building an in-house security team and can also offer a varied range of security measures.

An example of managed security services is a Security Operations Center (SOC) provided by a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). In this case, the MSSP monitors, manages, and maintains the client’s security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability scanning, and security incident response. This allows the client organization to focus on its core business activities while the MSSP handles the ongoing security management tasks.

With the world around us extensively connected through devices and networks, it has become a tough task to keep track of all security risks one is being exposed to. Unlike managed services which protect your IT assets , managed security services (MSS) focus on protecting your assets and data through various security controls and measures.

Using managed security services offers several benefits for businesses and organizations, including:

◉ Expertise and experience at your disposal
◉ Cost saving for the company
◉ 24/7 monitoring and support
◉ End -to-end security compliance
◉ Faster incidence response to breaches
◉ Focus on core businesses