DevOps Services

Cutting edge DevOps services to optimize the cost, agility, and scalability of your IT ecosystem

Enabling CTOs to:

Optimize TCO of IT systems

Automate and monitor your IT ecosystems with our cutting edge zero-touch infrastructure automation, continuous integration, and delivery model. This results in a shortening of your product or service’s Time to Value with reduced TCO.

Accelerate time to market

Leveraging our mature DevOps practices, we ensure rapid delivery of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development.

Reduce risk

Daffodil has embraced a proven agile development methodology to reduce risk and deliver robust applications for our clients. Our DevOps process advocate thinking of the infrastructure as part of the application and allows for a more rapid and reliable software release cycle.

Keep IT systems secure & stable

Enable centralized monitoring, logging, proactive alerting and critical information dashboards so that you are continuously able to monitor your processes and keep your infrastructure environment secure and robust.

Boost DevOps capabilities

Discover redundant tasks, find new touchpoints for automation and identify the right set of tools through our DevOps consulting services. Our DevOps experts assess your existing DevOps practices, perform audit your existing infrastructure, and deliver an assessment report outlining action points for automation and process optimization.

Our DevOps Services include


Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

Lower the costs of experimentation and innovation, enable better testing, and quality control, more efficient and predictable deployments by leveraging our IaC services. We provide custom-built templates consisting of the application Infrastructure that is compatible with your cloud-based platforms.


Microservices Consulting

Develop robust and exponentially scalable applications with our expertise in designing small, focus microservices that speed up implementation and improve resiliency. Ensure no or less downtime with microservices when dealing with technical glitches and maintenance processes at a lower infrastructure cost.

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AWS Consulting & Implementation

Leverage the elastic IT infrastructure of AWS coupled with our strategic partnership with Amazon to build cutting-edge software solutions. Combine cloud-native concepts and our IoC services to quickly create decoupled pipelines for new services that are readily deployed into your application, which are driven by code.

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Software Release Automation

Ensure end-to-end traceability and accountability across the enterprise ecosystem with release planning, release monitoring, release automation, and continuous release management. Create technology that enables you to retrieve changes after the approval phase if required with the help of software release automation.


Managed Cloud Services

Optimize the scalability of your IT infrastructure, reduce the cost of your IT ecosystem and create a resilient IT environment by Integrating your current infrastructure with Cloud. Experience a flexible and automated, optimized cloud infrastructure through our managed cloud services.

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Customer Success Stories


Daffodil helps National Nutrition to migrate to AWS; resulting in 40% cost savings in infrastructure management

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Daffodil helps Chalo to migrate to AWS cloud platform; resulting in 40% reduction in the cost of IT operations.

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Grotu builds an engaging mobile app to transform the conventional way of planning trips and events among friends, family etc.

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