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Improve the efficiency of your business with our scalable test automation framework. In recent times the demand of automation has grown by leaps and bounds, mainly fueled by the amazing advantages that automation testing offers. From providing round the clock coverage to employing less resources and reducing testing time, automation testing has taken center stage across industries. At Daffodil, our passionate and talented software testing team always stays on top with the latest automation trends and has the expertise in implementing and managing powerful automation testing tools such as Cucumber, Selenium, Katalon, Appium, to name a few. 

Automation testing services

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Automation testing services

Our automation testing services

Automation assessment & advisory services

Harness full advantage of test automation by comparing your current manual or automated approach and environments to industry best practices. Daffodil provides you with a complete assessment and recommendations for accelerating your automation testing services and quality engineering initiatives.

Automation framework & test development

Develop Agile friendly reusable front-end and back-end frameworks that can be quickly deployed within the minimum risk. We harness the full potential of frameworks and process automation testing services and tools such as Selenium Webdriver, Appium, TestNG, Maven, Mocha, Cucumber, CI/CD, etc.

Performance engineering & monitoring

Ensure high application uptime levels and optimal customer experience across all channels with full-cycle performance engineering and regression testing cycles specifically designed to manage and mitigate the performance risks involved with mission-critical web and mobile applications with our automation testing services.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is automation testing?

Automation testing is done to automate the processes of software testing. Back when automation wasn’t the norm companies employed full time QA teams that would create test plans are manually check if each feature is functioning as its supposed to. This process was timing consuming,  arduous and despite the intention being otherwise, error prone. On the other hand, automation testing puts the onus of testing in the hands of engineering team. Test maps are created during the software development process and executed using automation tools. This process allows for faster, error-free testing and smaller team size.

Daffodil has an experience of 20+ years in working with 100+ companies as their software testing partner. Our skilled software testers ensure that your product is of the highest quality without compromising on speed to market and cost.

There are various powerful tools available in the market for automation testing. Daffodil primarily works with the following tools:

  1. Selenium
  3. Codecept JS
  4. Charles
  5. katalon
  6. Appium
  7. Maven
  8. Jenkin