Data Enrichment Services

End-to-end data enrichment services and data cleansing services that help you maintain accurate, consistent, and enriched customer information, leading to reduced marketing costs, an increase in customer acquisition and meaningful interactions with customers.

Enabling Sales & Marketing Professionals to

Increase Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Clean data leads to an increase in the Total Addressable Market since it increases the chances to reach a larger target market. Our data cleansing services ensure that the client’s data is clean and updated at all times hence, expanding their market size.

Update stale of incomplete data

Our data enrichment services help in removing unnecessary and repetitive data. It provides the organization only the data which suits its business purpose. The company can focus on the important aspects, not wasting time on unnecessary tasks. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the work performed.

Improve ROI

Accurate and clean data drastically improves decision making, leading to improved response rates and increased revenues. With a correct and clean dataset, organizations can achieve improved ROI for their sales and marketing campaigns using our data cleansing services.

Our Data Enrichment Services Include

Data Cleaning & De-duplication

Clean your data with our data cleansing services. Our data cleansing services ensure that all your crucial CRM information is clean, updated & consistent. De-duplication not only helps you to elevate the data quality and accuracy but also significantly decreases the storage capacity requirements.

Firmographics Enrichment

Classification and segmentation of data records based on total revenue, employee size, performance, industry, sales cycle stage, designations, and other company-based attributes. We also categorize B2B prospects into descriptive segments that are fundamental to structuring B2B-specific marketing programs with our data enrichment services.

Hierarchy Management

Identification of various fields and hierarchies under the organizations with our data enrichment services. We also segment datasets to avoid equivalent hierarchies falling under the same parent company getting removed for duplication at our data cleansing company.

Database Standardization

Ensure uniformity, avoid duplication in your databases, and follow a standardised structure with our data enrichment services. We help you to standardise or normalise data (e.g. country, state, abbreviations, addresses, company names) at our data enrichment company.

Industry Enrichment

We, at our data enrichment company, enrich your large-scale company data by identifying and mapping the companies under relevant industries and sub-industries, which can be used for relevant marketing and sales activities.

Data Discovery & List Building

Find current, accurate and verified demographic information for people and companies that you want to target through your marketing campaigns with our data enrichment services.

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