How Technology is a ‘Kick’ for Entrepreneurs

  • 12 Aug , 2016
  • by Rishabh Kapoor

Technology is all powering and omnipresent and startups have been quick to become tech savvy. What is it about technology that gives entrepreneurs such a kick? Read all about it here.

Time is money. Truer now than ever before.

Business owners and entrepreneurs just cannot afford to waste time. Before thinking about the future, take a second to how business was done when technology was the moon we wanted to land on. Smartphones, apps and cloud solutions were not even thought of.

As per Pew Research Center, 46% of professionals feel that their productivity has improved due to use of apps, internet and technology solutions available. The agility of instant information and enriched tools has helped companies stay organized.

Below are the much necessary ‘kicks’ that your company will get after implementing technology-

1. Shift to cloud: Make sure that you are associated with a tech that is saving your cost and giving 200% back to your business. Cloud is swift, easy to implement in whatever business model you follow, and superbly convenient. It is effective majorly because it will give exact similar access to your resource interface even if you are travelling without much disturbance.

2. Build a CRM : A right CRM tool can enable a business person to access updated client information and collaborate it fluently. You can track genuine business efforts and keep critical client information to plan your next move. Investing into a CRM tool will help you keep a good track about your customer growth and new acquisitions.

3. Integrate a PMS : With a good PMS tool integrated within your business it will be easy to keep a track of your to-do list. You can build your own project lists which could be accessed not only by you but also by your project team members. These tasks could be scheduled on calendar, make and manage a task team and track time spent per project per client.

4. Automate productivity : With help of technology you can automate your tasks to get it completed quickly. This can include marketing activities or online sales emails or customer service. The key is to use it efficiently with the goal of saving time and utilizing to increase productivity. A robust technology solution will enable your employee get focused and give his best to your business.

5. Customer acquisition and engagement : Technological implementations can bring you closer to customer and engage them via online support during website visit. Chat modules, geo-fencing and store locations have become a new way to engage customer and reach out to your business kingdom.

Bottom Line – What is the key to use technology?

Technology vendors, partners and agencies can help your business maximize efficiency, productivity, decrease expenses and increase profit. Daffodil has successfully implemented world class technology solutions to clients in more than 30 countries.

The key here is to analyse your business. Go with the minimalistic approach but highly efficient. For example mobile technology and cloud integration is on high. Integrating them will be addition to growth attributes which are worth investing for.

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