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B2B payment application development for one of the leading fintech companies in Saudi Arabia


The client is an Arabian B2B fintech company that provides a one-stop solution for all merchants’ payment needs, prioritizing secure and streamlined payment processes. It stands out as an innovative network-centric payment application designed to empower merchants in managing their credits and payments efficiently. The platform facilitates the expansion of merchants’ purchasing capabilities through credit lines, thereby enhancing their inventory management cycle.

  • SR 9M+ value of transactions
  • 1.5M+ approved credit line
  • 600+ registered merchants and vendors

Business Situation

The entity arose from a critical necessity within the Saudi market, where governmental regulations have led to a shortage of cash. The client aimed to address this issue comprehensively by developing an application offering a wide array of payment options and credit facilities.

The main goal was to penetrate the cashless market with a B2B application capable of streamlining merchant invoice payments. This application would provide diverse payment methods, including Mada, the platform’s Wallet, and credit lines, ultimately aiming for market dominance in the industry.

In pursuit of this vision, the client sought a proficient technology partner specializing in custom fintech application development. After thorough consideration of various options, they selected Daffodil Software due to its proven track record, flexible approach, and expertise in key areas such as fintech solutions, payment gateway integrations, fintech compliances, and process automation.

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, Daffodil Software and the client outlined a comprehensive set of requirements, which included:

  • Conceptualizing and planning the entire development process for the application, including recommending the most efficient technology stack.
  • Designing an intuitive mobile interface for both Android and iOS platforms to ensure a seamless experience for merchants and salesmen.
  • Developing a user-friendly web portal for admin and vendor to streamline tasks, manage user roles, and oversee transaction details effectively.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards, with the ability to generate reports and documentation for regulatory purposes.

The Solution

To initiate our engagement, our team of skilled business analysts began by gathering and analyzing the requirements of the stakeholders. After this initial step, our experienced software architects first worked on outlining the optimal architecture of the platform. They focused on making sure it could handle growth, perform well, and remain secure, taking into account all the technical aspects.

Furthermore, our product designers conducted in-depth user research to understand the behaviors, needs, and pain points of the target audience. After mapping out the entire user journey, they developed interactive prototypes to visualize the layout, flow, and functionality of the platform.

Keeping in view the client’s future expansion plans, business model, and service offerings, our team came up with the most efficient technology stack for the b2b payment solution – Flutter for mobile application, JetAdmin for the admin panel, Node.js for the backend, and PostgreSQL for the database management system.

The mobile application we designed was focused on making payment management easier and increasing transparency for users. With this application, businesses could effortlessly handle transactions, choose from various payment options, and manage credit facilities seamlessly.

The B2B payment application catered to four distinct user roles: Merchant, Salesman, Vendor, and Admin.


The functionality of this application extended beyond this:


The platform offers a comprehensive array of features tailored to cater to the needs of different user roles. Merchants, the backbone of the business ecosystem, are provided with a plethora of tools to facilitate smooth financial transactions and operational management. Some key features are:

  • Payment flexibility: Users can initiate payments through various modes, including multiple payment gateways.
  • Transaction monitoring: Track recent transaction activities for enhanced financial oversight.
  • Cashback monitoring: Monitor cashback rewards earned through transactions.
  • Credit line application: Apply for a credit line to facilitate smoother business operations.
  • Vendor management: Access a comprehensive list of associated vendors and invite new vendors as needed.
  • Financial reporting: Download VAT return reports for seamless financial reporting.
  • Payment method management: Easily manage saved payment methods for quick and hassle-free transactions.


Salesmen, crucial intermediaries between merchants and customers(vendors), are equipped with tools to streamline sales processes and enhance collaboration with merchants. Some key features of the Salesman app are:

  • Invoice generation: Generate and share invoices with merchants seamlessly to facilitate transactions.
  • Invoice tracking: Monitor the status of created invoices for efficient follow-up and reconciliation through an internal web portal.
  • Merchant locator: View all merchants on a map or in a list view for easy navigation and access.
  • Profile access: Access both personal and vendor profiles for streamlined communication and collaboration.


Vendors, essential service providers within the client’s ecosystem, are afforded tools to efficiently manage their interactions with merchants and administrators. Some key features of vendor web portals include:

  • User management: Efficiently manage users associated with our client, ensuring smooth operations and interactions.
  • Invoice access: Access and review invoices submitted by merchants for vendor services rendered.
  • Payout review: Review payouts issued by the client’s admin for completed transactions and services.


Admins, tasked with overseeing the entire platform, possess robust functionalities to manage various aspects of the ecosystem. From handling new requests from merchants and vendors to overseeing invoicing and transaction tracking, admins play a pivotal role in ensuring the platform’s smooth operation. Some highlights of the admin web portal include:

  • Request management: Handle new requests from merchants and vendors, reviewing and approving as necessary.
  • Invoice oversight: Monitor all the invoices to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Transaction tracking: Track merchant transactions for financial oversight and analysis.
  • Vendor payment management: Facilitate payments to vendors as needed for services rendered.
  • Credit line administration: Handle credit line requests, settings, and active credit lines to ensure smooth operations.
  • Information management: Manage vendor and banner information within the platform for effective communication and branding.
  • Custom notifications: Send custom notifications to users for important updates and announcements.
  • User support: Provide assistance and support to users through dedicated help resources and assistance channels.

The Impact

The collaboration between the client and Daffodil Software has resulted in a powerful solution set to transform how businesses manage payments in Saudi Arabia. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, the application promises to simplify financial processes for merchants, sales teams, vendors, and administrators. This innovation not only addresses immediate payment challenges but also empowers businesses with greater transparency and efficiency.Moreover, our client's confidence in our expertise and dedication has led them to entrust us with additional projects such as “Top up wallet”, where the merchants will be able to top up their wallets from the application itself. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape.

  • SR 9M+ value of transactions
  • 1.5M+ approved credit line
  • 600+ registered merchants and vendors

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