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EHR modernization for SOAP Health, a leading healthcare platform in the United States

About the client


SOAP Health is dedicated to modernizing healthcare through early identification and diagnosis of chronic diseases. Utilizing its interactive interviewer module, and AI Genie chatbot, SOAP Health offers advanced medical diagnosis through SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) notes. SOAP Health aims to develop a platform to empower a seamless transfer of information between patients and healthcare providers to help early detection of serious health issues such as cancer and heart diseases.

  • 200+ screens Integrated with VUI
  • 66% Reduction in documentation workload
  • 2 hours/day Saved with AI integration

Business Situation

When it comes to preventing and managing some of the most prevalent and life-threatening diseases—such as cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes—early detection can be a lifesaver. Many researchers highlight that about 15% of all medical encounters result in a diagnostic error, which can lead to around 400,000 deaths and 400,00 disabilities; patients with heart disease and early-stage cancers usually are the most vulnerable. SOAP Health aims to bring an interactive EHR platform with an interviewer module, assisted by an AI-enabled chatbot to help healthcare providers collect a comprehensive medical history and save time in disease detection and diagnosis.

SOAP Health operates SOAP Hub, an EHR platform for patient data collection via an extensive interviewer module featuring 20 primary and subsidiary questions across various screens. However, the EHR platform faced several limitations with the interviewer module, among which the lack of interactive features stood out as the major issue. Additionally, SOAP Health also wanted to incorporate conversational features into AI Genie by leveraging voice integration, to allow users to enter commands verbally.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive revamp, the client sought a technology partner proficient in addressing these issues and enhancing the interactive capabilities of the module and the AI Genie. With profound expertise in healthcare software development and application modernization services, Daffodil Software emerged as the perfect partner to modernize SOAP Health’s module.

Team Daffodil was expected to resolve the below-mentioned challenges:

  • Implementation of voice user interface (VUI) and speech to text feature across 200+ screens of SOAP Hub interviewer module as well as the AI Genie chatbot
  • Redesigning the AI Genie chatbot to enhance module UI
  • Continuous testing and bug fixing due to frequent refactoring of the code

The Solution

Upon thorough assessment of SOAP Health’s challenges and concerns, the team at Daffodil formulated a comprehensive and strategic action plan. Recognizing the need to modernize the SOAP Hub platform with engaging functionalities, team Daffodil leveraged a sophisticated technology stack. We also identified that the module can be integrated with a voice user interface (VUI) to help users verbally fill in the details, and the small AI-Genie avatar adversely impacted the UI design and user experience, resulting in frequent disengagement and dropouts.

Our developers harnessed the reactive capabilities of Remix and React, the robustness of Node.js with TypeScript, and the real-time functionality of Firebase. Tailwind CSS, coupled with Prisma’s streamlined database access, was leveraged to bolster the platform’s responsiveness and data integrity. Furthermore, the deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with the seamless scalability of GCP Cloud Functions and ExpressJS, provided a secure and efficient cloud infrastructure. BabylonJs was utilized in order to enhance the overall user experience and engagement on the platform.

By capitalizing on the strengths of this diverse and cutting-edge technology stack, our team worked on the below solutioning:


VUI integration across SOAP Hub screens
SOAP Health aimed to enhance the interactivity of the SOAP Hub Interviewer module, making it more user-friendly. In line with this goal, Daffodil’s team integrated the microphone feature across approximately 200 screens within the module. This meticulous implementation enriched the SOAP Hub interviewer module with a new dimension of functionality, offering users a seamless and more intuitive interaction.

In the process, the team resolved several bugs and errors in the existing module. Our team embarked on a rigorous cycle of testing and refinement, ensuring that any issues were promptly and effectively resolved, thus maintaining the integrity and performance of the Interviewer module.


UI Revamp with renewed AI Genie avatar
The SOAP Hub platform’s existing AI Genie chatbot assisted patients through the interview process, providing prompts and support as they navigated through the health questionnaire. Despite its functional utility, the chatbot’s impact was lessened by its small on-screen presence. Its small visual footprint could lead to underutilization of the tool and a potential disconnect in the user experience. Patients would miss out on valuable guidance and interactive elements that could streamline their journey through the process.

This suboptimal design choice necessitated a thoughtful reconsideration of the chatbot’s interface to ensure that its presence was both prominent and harmoniously integrated within the overall screen layout. Addressing this challenge was crucial for enhancing user engagement and ensuring that patients could fully benefit from the AI Genie’s assistance.


Our team worked on the design of AI Genie and replaced it with a new full-sized avatar. The increased prominence of the AI assistant on the screen enabled it to deploy expressive gestures, thereby improving communication and aiding patients in comprehending instructions during the information input process.

Leveraging the newly implemented microphone feature, our team incorporated the voice command feature with the AI Genie. This advancement allowed patients to interact with the AI assistant through spoken instructions, significantly streamlining the process and creating a more engaging user experience.


Iterative bug resolution
Owing to the continuous evolution of the Soap Hub platform, regular code refactoring led to the surfacing of numerous bugs from time to time, negatively impacting both patient experience and the functionality of the system. Our team, committed to addressing these challenges, diligently worked on bug resolution, demonstrating exceptional efficiency in mitigating the majority of issues, thus ensuring a smoother customer experience and a seamless operation of the EHR platform.


The Impact

The successful implementation of the speech-to-text feature across more than 200 screens was achieved within the specified project timeline. Our team's efficiency was pivotal in achieving this significant milestone, showcasing our capability to deliver results with precision and reliability. Additionally, our team diligently worked on the resolution of multiple bug-related issues with remarkable efficiency, ensuring almost all issues were resolved, and reducing documentation workload SOAP Health’s renewed confidence in our capabilities was underscored by entrusting us with the development of a brand-new ‘Symptoms’ screen for the SOAP Hub platform, further cementing our valued partnership.

  • 200+ screens Integrated with VUI
  • 66% Reduction in documentation workload
  • 2 hours/day Saved with AI integration

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