Success Story

Lenskart modernizes its legacy technology platform to become one of India’s largest e-retailer of eyewear

titleImage is India’s fastest growing eyewear company and largest eyewear company online. Lenskart’s products range from prescription eyewear, branded contact lenses and sunglasses, all equipped with the customers’​ eye power. Lenskart is backed by IDG Ventures, Unilazer Ventures and TPG Capital. With a growing chain of offline stores in all cities in India, and its unique Home Eye Check-up service which takes expert optometrists to customers homes/office for an eye test, Lenskart has done what no one could till now.

  • 2M+ downloads
  • 10,000+ collection of eyewear accessories
  • 80K orders per day catered
  • 47% increase in conversion rate

The problem

Technology is the backbone of Lenskart’s business model. When technology becomes obsolete and becomes an obstacle in business growth, it becomes imperative to give it an overhaul. Lenskart was struggling with an outdated business application which was unable to cope up with ever-changing customer expectations. Moreover, It was becoming challenging  to convert an high volume of traffic into customers due to conventional UI/UX. Some of the challenges that Daffodil discovered were:

  • Inflexible PHP based legacy backend technology, resulting in a high churn rate. The portal was unable to support latest browser versions and devices.
  • The UX design practices used by Lenskart were no longer effective for high traffic volumes with complex navigation structures and intrusive action items.
  • Lenskart team was unable to integrate technology with their promotional activities, hence was losing out on marketing opportunities.

The Solution

Daffodil proposed Lenskart to revamp their existing platform, and upgrade it to a new technology with a modern skin. Keeping in view Lenskart’s future expansion plans, promotional strategies, business model, and service offerings, our team came up with most efficient technology stack (ReactJS), application architecture, UI/UX and design pattern.

Daffodil’s business analyst team had several consultation sessions with their product head and team, wherein we helped them understand the role and advantages of each technology, design feature, functionality and APIs that we had chosen. With a dedicated team, Daffodil has engineered their platform to optimum service levels.

Daffodil revamped the front-end of their web portal to a robust technology stack- ReactJS, which helped in increasing the website speed and in improving the responsiveness as compared to their previously PHP based website.  Daffodil also developed customized CMS for admin that enables them to manage app content such as banners, product listings, images, product description, pricing etc.

Daffodil also spearheaded the development of their mobile application, and implemented features like virtual try-on, 3D product featuring etc., which exponentially boosted the user experience. In order to make the payment process secure and flawless, Daffodil integrated PCI DSS compliant payment gateway as well as order tracking functionality of the applications.

The Impact

With Daffodil taking care of technology needs, Lenskart is growing as a leader in its segment and has continuously strengthened its position. With intuitive UI/UX and technology advanced online platform, Lenskart now caters to 80k orders per day. In addition, implementing promotional strategies and syncing data with their physical stores has become a matter of few clicks, which consumed hours, or was even not feasible at times earlier.

  • 2M+ downloads
  • 10,000+ collection of eyewear accessories
  • 80K orders per day catered
  • 47% increase in conversion rate

“For more than three years, Daffodil has been partnered with Lenskart and we are highly satisfied with the services, provided to both our “customers” and our internal staff. Resources provided by Daffodil have always been up to the mark and standards. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Daffodil as a strong and flexible partner for any organization seeking expert technical assistance.”

Durgesh Dhalla, Frontend Engineering Manager-Lenskart

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