Our expertise in software development

Software Product Engineering

Turnkey Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) entailing ideation, MVP development, UI/UX design, code development, quality assurance, release cycle management and maintenance. Astute experience in developing robust software applications for various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, real estate, IT, etc.

Legacy Software Modernization

Re-engineer legacy applications and migrate to latest technology stack with modern UI/UX and features. Use of the perfect combination of modernization approaches such as encapsulation, rehost, replatform, code refactor, re-architect, rebuild and replace to modernize your legacy application.

Cloud Consulting

Get expert consultation around best practices and latest trends in developing applications using cloud platforms. Daffodil Software is a certified standard AWS consulting partner and Google Cloud partner and have developed, migrated and deployed many critical business applications for clients across the globe. We provide cloud consulting in DevOps, SysOps and SLA-driven cloud managed services.

DevOps Consulting

Automate, optimize and monitor project delivery pipeline with our cutting edge DevOps practices entailing zero-touch infrastructure automation, continuous integration and delivery, test automation and cloud adoption. Expert consulting and solution enablement around existing DevOps infrastructure, Gap analysis, architecture and code audit, performance audit, security audit etc.

Web Application Development

Clean data visualization, with intuitive visual effects, cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks and libraries, mobile-first and responsive web applications. Experience an end to end software maintenance and support solution including testing and debugging, application customization, ensuring security measures while data updation, database maintenance, productivity analysis, and real-time monitoring and management.

Mobile Application Development

Reduce go-to-market time and optimize costs through our rich library of decoupled reusable components that can be used across different applications without any constraint. Experience transformational and substantial business growth through applications built using innovative skills and resources. Expertise in the development of applications consisting of easy and smooth UI/UX design and unprecedented features that create a competitive edge.

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Product Evolution for a US based software engineering company

See how Daffodil helps a US based software product company evolve their flagship CMS product for newer industries and markets, while providing continuous performance improvement and ideas to upgrade and enhance the product. Get to know how we upgraded the existent version of EMC documentation suite to the latest one, ensuring easy search and retrieval of data. This included optimization of security model, object type model, and elimination of unused products.

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Technology partner for a US based software development company

See how Daffodil has established itself as a long-term technology partner for a healthcare product development company helping them to reform their core CMS framework and extend its functionality. Daffodil has re-constructed the complete architecture of their framework and optimized it using modern technologies like ASP.Net, SQL Server, KnockoutJs JQuery, WebApi and web services etc.

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Why Daffodil for Software Solutions?

Subject matter expertise in various industries and domains

Get unparalleled consulting and advice around best practices, latest technology trends and efficient processes from industry experts. Create custom software solutions for various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, e-commerce, logistics, real estate, technology, etc.

Designing user-friendly and action-oriented UI/UX

Develop addictive applications by extensively studying user behaviour and psychology. Enhance engagement and drive users to take desired action on your software apps leveraging our expertise in designing action-oriented UI/UX design enhances

Technology Agility

Daffodil has embraced a proven agile development methodology and DevOps practices to reduce risk and deliver robust applications for our clients. Our DevOps process advocates thinking of the infrastructure as part of the application and allows for a more rapid and reliable software release cycles.

Cross functional teams

Cross functional teams drive continuous improvement within the project, reduces costs, and enables agility and creative problem-solving skills. Our cross-functional teams have individuals with different roles like business analysts, UI/UX experts, developers, database engineers, testers, etc. who work in sync with each other to eliminate developmental hassles.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Cost and Time Model

We discuss and define the expected deliverables for your project and determine a fixed price and time line mutually.

Best suited for projects where there is absolute clarity about the requirements and specifications.

  • Know exactly what you’re getting up front, and how much it will be
  • Requires no change in price unless your needs change
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Upgrade or cancel anytime

Dedicated Team Model

Get a free hand over a team of developers with high level of transparency, flexibility and scalability.

Best suited for long term development projects with continuous requirements and changes.

  • No hidden costs
  • 95 or 190 hours of guaranteed production every month for part-time and full-time hires respectively
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done