eCommerce Development

Disruptive eCommerce development services & solutions to simplify customers’ journey and engage shoppers in new ways

Helping Disruptors to

Boost customer engagement

Develop innovative solutions with our eCommerce development services to break through the noise and deliver immersive customer experiences by leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Voice Interfaces etc.

Bring innovative ideas to life

Bring your most complex eCommerce solutions to life with our full-cycle eCommerce development services. Having built more than 1000 eCommerce solutions for a varied set of industries, Daffodil is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market.

Provide stellar online experience

Provide your customers with world-class shopping experiences they crave with our eCommerce development company. From intuitive e-store navigation to AI-driven personalized recommendations to smooth one-step checkout — take your users on a meticulously crafted customer journey to win their loyalty and support your brand image.

Digitize brick & mortar stores

Augment your in-stores services with custom retail software solutions that include mobile applications, VR/AR applications, self-service solutions etc.

Modernize legacy eCommerce systems

Whether your eCommerce is lacking versatility due to old application infrastructure, hosted on inefficient servers, or suffer from outdated interface designs, our eCommerce development company helps you re-engineer and modernize your legacy eCommerce system, while maintaining data integrity and security with minimal downtime.

Automate supply chain

Automate manual processes in your supply chain ranging from repetitive manual work to complex decision making through new-age technologies such as RPA, AI, and machine learning with our eCommerce development services.

Covering the Entire Gamut of eCommerce Solutions

B2C e-commerce

  • CRM Integration
  • Dynamic Shopping Cart
  • AI/ML enabled Solutions
  • Shoppable Video
  • Catalog Management
  • Multi-lingual Chatbots

B2B e-commerce

  • Catalog Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Process Automation Solutions
  • Robotic Automation Solutions
  • CRM Integration
  • Payment Integration


  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Auction & Bidding Platform
  • Multi-currency Solutions
  • Multi-lingual Solutions
  • AI/ML enabled Solutions

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Disruptive tech solutions to simplify customers' journey and engage shoppers in new ways

Voice Commerce Solutions

Redefine shopping experience with voice-enabled interactions

Daffodil’s eCommerce development services includes voice commerce solutions which enable e-retailers to integrate their eCommerce stores with popular voice assistants platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Google’s Smart Displays.

  • Open up a new touch point for your eCommerce store
  • Engage your users before selling
  • Deliver an experience that's visible, personal and delightful

Shoppable Videos

Turn your video content into point-of-sale

Driven by AI, shoppable videos automatically recognize the products showcased in a video and provides direct-from-video purchase opportunity to your viewers, eliminating the various stages of the buying process.

  • Accelerate buying decision of visitors
  • Turn passive viewers into active consumers
  • Deliver interactive customer experience

Real-time Multilingual Chat

Unshackle language barriers and transform your customer support

Daffodil Software, a eCommerce development company, has developed a real time multilingual chat application which is powered by Amazon ML and PubNub and can be seamlessly integrated with any eCommerce technology ecosystem.

  • Enhance CSAT by communicating better and resolving customer queries faster
  • Curb operational cost incurred by hiring native agents
  • Boost first-response rate by up to 75%

Service Offerings

Custom Retail Solutions

Elevate your brick and mortar store and augment your in-store services with custom retail software solutions that include mobile applications, VR/AR applications, self-service solutions, front and back office automation, ecommerce store migration, legacy system modernization etc with our eCommerce development services.

E-commerce Store Migration

Daffodil, an eCommerce development company, seamlessly migrates e-commerce sites, ensuring data integrity, extension compatibility, and consistent storefronts. We analyze the current environment and migrate the store, rewriting any code customizations, API integrations, and modules.

M-Commerce Solutions

Daffodil’s team creates multi-featured cross-platform, native, and hybrid e-commerce mobile apps with universal repositories and custom rules control panels for managing multiple accounts, campaigns and reward "currencies" to enhance your user experience with its eCommerce development services.

Robotic Process Automation

Daffodil’s RPA services offers retailers an effective way to automate processes such as vendor on-boarding, refund management, return processing, reconciliation, customer support, etc, as well as business-specific processes such as HR, supply chain, finance and accounting, etc at a large scale through their digital workforce using their eCommerce development services.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Daffodil Software being an eCommerce development company, has developed an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solution that leverages RFID & Beacon technology to quickly scan and catalog all the products in an inventory and helps you maintain 100% visibility of your inventory and assets. Tagged items can communicate with warehouse software and automatically document their own arrival and exit from the warehouse.

Live Video Streaming Solutions

Daffodil’s live video streaming solutions enable eCommerce businesses to elevate their customer engagement strategy by seamlessly streaming events in real time with unmatched quality and scalability and engaging their audience with immersive live interactions.

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