React Native Development

Develop lightening-fast native mobile apps using React Native

Why React Native?

Component Based

React Native allows you to build enclosed components using Javascript that can manage their own state and hence can be assembled together to create complex UIs

Maximum Code Re-usability

Reuse as much as 90% of the code within Android and iOS versions, resulting in huge savings in development time and costs

The Virtual DOM

The virtual DOM enables developers to view changes in a virtual memory rather than on the real screen, providing higher performance and a cleaner user experience all around

Performance Obsessed

The React Native architecture makes use of the GPU of the mobile device, while other native languages are CPU centric. Hence, boosting the overall performance

Zero Dependency

React provides a holistic ecosystem to build top-notch apps and has no dependency on other technologies, providing a hassle-free development

Live Updates

Push updates directly to the user’s application without waiting for app store approvals, hence decreasing the go-to-market time

Customer Success Stories


Zee Entertainment successfully launches its first radio station in the UAE leveraging Daffodil’s rapid development methodology

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Grotu builds an engaging mobile app to transform the conventional way of planning trips and events among friends, family etc.

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