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Since 1999, Daffodil Software Solutions has been the most preferred software engineering partner for technology-driven organizations across the globe. But, now we are also evolving in the field of digital marketing, providing ROI-focused paid marketing services for clients & businesses, to improve their website traffic on search engine result pages, through various matrices of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Whether you are a large enterprise, a healthcare service provider, a pharma company, a medical device manufacturer, or bootstrapped startup, we seamlessly fit with your work culture & business requirements and create, manage & optimize campaigns for your business.
We hold 20+ years of domain expertise in multiple industries and have certified & experienced marketing professionals working with 100+ clients across the globe.

Search Engine Marketing Services | Managed SEM

SEM that helps to scale up your business

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): How to Do It Right

Our paid marketing services for your smooth sales

Google shopping ads
Google shopping ads

These advertisements appear in google properties providing detailed information about any product or service which you are trying to sell. When they are used, any searcher trying to seek that product will input a best-matching keyword on a search engine, and therein will get your product/service purchasing intent. Our motto here is to make sure that your brand & products are displayed on the screen of the searcher with enticing ad copy, that may include the title, price, images of the product, and reviews, to encourage the target audience to buy that service at that moment.

Search ads
Search ads

Search advertisements have the power to boost brand recognition by 80%. They include an impactful headline with informative description text and the URL of the landing page, enticing people to click through the ad. As a reputable PPC service provider, we pair these ads with additional information about your brand’s offerings and better keyword planning to achieve your company’s goal of high quality & significant conversions from new customers.

Display ads
Display ads

These advertisements appear in websites, articles & blogs for the viewers to read & entice them to click for making a step toward a purchase. This process eventually offers customer insights and their intent data so that we know your customers & their interests better. We help you to reach a wider audience through appropriate demographics, personalized texts, images, and a URL that is linked to your landing page or website. With eye-catching visual formats, we create visual interest and help you to refine your brand awareness.

Video ads
Video ads

It is the best medium to promise customer interaction which appears online before, during, and after the streaming video or content. Being an excellent format for educating or informing, video ads can draw in high visibility. Our experts can run creative video ads for your business and help you achieve conversion rates from your targeted customers.

Local service ads
Local service ads

These ads help you connect with your targeted audience on google properties for the services or products your business is known for. It fills the gap between your customers and the services they desire for. Your about-to-be purchasers can seek your location and other contact information to directly reach you for your business offerings. Our paid marketing services help you fill this gap smoothly by creating data-driven ad campaigns, so that your brand is visible on the top of the SERPs, thereby optimizing your business’s direct leads.

Social media ads
Social media ads

Social media advertisements are one of the best sources to generate leads and revenue for your business. These ads can appear on social media platforms like Facebook (Meta), Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, and help you connect with your potential customers based on their interests, behavior, hobbies, and activities. We help businesses in their active social media presence and help them strategically position their ads in order to enrich their brand’s visibility and provide traffic/leads to acquire potential customers at a lesser cost.

Remarketing ads
Remarketing ads

These advertisements entice individuals to revisit the sites and convert them into potential customers. Our team of experts helps you customize display ads campaigns for your business as such that the visitors who have already checked out your ad, come back with a highly focused purchasing attitude.

Gmail sponsored promotions (GSP)
Gmail sponsored promotions (GSP)

These paid ad formats appear only in personal email boxes of the targeted audience resulting in lead generation and improvisation of high-quality clicks. By implementing this format, GSPs will not only allow to target the visitors of rival websites but also those visitors who have given the rivals permission to send them emails.

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Customized SEM services for your business

Media & entertainment

We provide an engaging experience to your viewers with classified ads and content planning in the media and entertainment industries. We turn data into insights and help validate your product ideas by transforming software product vision into reality.


To improve the quality of leads and conversions SEM plays a key role in increasing profit and revenue. So, in this race to come on top of the search engine results pages, we guide you to earn innumerable traffic to your website and let you experience paid media advertising growth.

Real estate

Uncover the right service for your business that bridges the gap between your real estate company and the real estate buyers. Partner with us to sell your property to your potential buyers by using SEM methods via enriching the keywords & content.


With better SEM strategies, create your brand visibility and awareness of your website in the education field. We help you achieve your targeted traffic, qualified leads, and revenue generation, thereby maximizing incalculable ad clicks.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will my target audience click on my ads?

The ads or links that appear on top of the search engine results pages are likely to be clicked more often than the ones below. With our SEM techniques & better content strategy, you can target your potential online users who can pass your marketing funnels and finally avail your service or product.

The cost of running an SEM campaign can differ depending on industry type, company size, business type, and the business strategy you are going to implement. However, a broad expectation you can have is up to $5000 per month.

SEM (search engine marketing) is primarily about getting online traffic via paid ads, while SEO (search engine optimization) is about earning organic traffic (non-paid).

It is a digital marketing strategy to improvise the visibility of your brand and website on search engine results pages.

  • Keyword research & strategy
  • Selection of geographic location
  • Creating text-based ads
  • Bidding on the ads
  • Analyzing, exploring & reviewing existing content & concerns
  • Retreating according to the feedback

Using paid marketing, you can target your customers directly without waiting for them to find you organically. These ads are displayed on google properties & social media channels and are helpful in obtaining more accurate qualified leads.

Pay-per-click advertising is a model that shortens the customer’s purchasing path and leverages your business sales. It is the most-effective marketing technique in terms of cost and sales. With our PPC strategy, you can have your brand positioned on multiple ranges of online platforms and as a result, can increase your brand name and visibility of your products & services to the targeted market. We create the best PPC ads and promotional content for your users as per their hobbies, interests, clicks, and past interaction with any product or service. So, if you are still trying to decide which SEM approach to follow, Daffodil Software Solutions can guide you in this dilemma!