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How Daffodil has established itself as a long-term technology partner for a healthcare product development company, and helping them expand their market.

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Daffodil helps a US based technology consulting and custom software development company scale their technology services and grow five folds in just 4 years.

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Daffodil helps Sagitarix build a robust and scalable mobile solution to provide affordable healthcare access to rural areas of Africa.

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One of Norway’s fastest growing IT consulting company partners with Daffodil Software for building its core product, the Avento CRM software.

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Daffodil helps Nykaa achieve 40% add-to-bag conversion rate with the integration of Nykaa Network and Nykaa TV in it's mobile app.

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Daffodil helps docu-tools facilitate a smooth and efficient process and shorten response time from defect detection to fix, saving around 20% costs of real estate projects.

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Why Daffodil?

Daffodil is a trusted software product engineering and team augmentation partner to 100+ dynamic organizations across the globe. What distinguishes us from the rest is our ability to look beyond technologies and deliver innovative and progressive solutions. We innovate with latest technologies, design approaches and development methodologies to build cutting edge software products.

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12 things to consider while choosing the right technology partner for your product

Successful software products are an outcome of successful partnerships. Explore how to choose the right development partner for your projects, mitigate risks and optimize your return on investments.

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We assist brands in elevating their notion of what’s possible when our limitless technology expertise is interfaced with an inquisitive understanding of your business goals.