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Daffodil Software is a leading provider of custom healthcare applications across the globe. We have successfully executed more than 100 large-scale healthcare digitization projects for our clients ranging from some of the largest hospitals in the US to innovative health-tech start-ups and mid-sized companies across the world. Daffodil Software has set up a dedicated CoE for healthcare IT solutions that comprise seasoned healthcare IT professionals and subject matter experts from various verticles of the healthcare industry. We also help our clients to build future-ready healthcare solutions by incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, haptic feedback, etc. in their custom healthcare applications.

Healthcare App Development Services Company

Our healthcare app development services include:

Telemedicine software development

Develop custom telemedicine software and apps with a user-friendly interface for both healthcare providers and patients along with the implementation of secure videoconferencing and real-time communication features. We also help you integrate custom telemedicine apps with existing EMR/EHR systems and other healthcare data sources.

Fitness & wellness apps

Develop custom fitness apps to track various activities such as workout routines, exercise, nutrition, planning, progress tracking, etc. We also help you build fitness apps that track health parameters such as steps taken, heart rate, calories burnt, sleep, period or pregnancy, etc. through manual or automated logging of activity.

Hospital or practice management solutions

Develop digital tools and platforms that help hospitals or other medical organizations to manage their operations more effectively. We develop mobile-centric solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing EHR/EHR software and help you with various aspects of hospital management such as patient engagement and tracking, real-time communication, supply chain management, inventory management, billing, insurance, etc.

ePharmacy apps

We help you develop custom epharmacy applications that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing EHR/EMR of PHR software for smooth communication between doctors, caretakers/nurses, pharmacists, patients, and insurance service providers. We also help you develop online pharmacy applications featuring eRx integration, online ordering of medicines, payment integration and delivery partner tracking, etc.

Patient engagement apps

Boost patient engagement and wellness with custom build patient engagement applications that feature real-time communication, remote patient monitoring & medical reporting, live video conferencing, integrated billing, etc.

Emergency response applications

We help you develop state-of-the-art medical emergency response applications with features such as real-time ambulance tracking, patient health tracking system, and real-time communication for incident reporting and management including the ability to input details about the medical emergency, assign tasks to responders, and track the status of those tasks.

Customer success stories

Looking for custom healthcare app development partner?

Custom engagement models as per your healthcare application development needs

Customized healthcare applications for the entire healthcare ecosystem

Healthcare providers

Cut administrative costs by automating or digiting manual processes, boost communication between doctors and patients, incorporate advanced technologies in existing applications to boost healthcare delivery and while ensuring data integrity and security.

Health-tech startups

Realize your vision with a market-ready health-tech application. We act as your success partner by helping you build a product roadmap, design compelling user interfaces, readily launch an MVP, evolve the product based on user feedback and continuously release new features while maintaining product quality and robustness.

Pharmaceutical companies

Develop robust solutions that add real value at each level of the pharma research & development cycle. From drug development and clinical trials to production and distribution, we can be your steadfast technology partner throughout.

Medical device or OEM companies

Empower and excite your users with technology that helps them prioritize their health & well-being. We help you integrate intelligent software solutions with your devices to boost effectiveness and efficiency.

healthcare IT services
Healthcare applications to suit your business needs

Daffodil Software is a full-spectrum healthcare app development company that caters to the unique IT requirements of different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. From solutions to improve healthcare delivery to developing path-breaking healthcare applications for startups, Daffodil is in a unique position to provide you with custom solutions through its team of subject matter experts.


Daffodil Software is a preferred technology partner for many healthcare organizations across the globe. Irrespective of the size of your organization- from a big pharmaceutical with multiple offshore offices or a new start-up just looking to make a mark in the healthcare industry, our services are customized to fit your business goals.

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Uncover the right tech for your toughest business problems through our team of seasoned subject matter experts and technologists. Dedicated practice heads for:

  • AI Solutions
  • QA & Testing Automation
  • Mobility
  • DevOps
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Microsoft Technologies
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