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Helping healthcare institutions to improve their IT infrastructure along with their digital capabilities in order to serve their patients more efficiently and collaboratively with our custom healthcare solutions

Enabling Healthcare Providers To

Transform product vision to reality

Convert your most complicated idea into a full-fledged healthcare software solution with our full-cycle of custom healthcare IT solutions ranging from UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration, to product sustainability and maintenance with our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE. 

Deliver better patient care

Deliver better healthcare services by shifting your focus and allocating your time to catering patients while we automate your important workflows such as data collection, patient management, lab management, test result analysis, etc.

Streamline patient data

Enhance your workflows by focusing on important patient data points such as vitals, charting history etc to ensure faster care and decision making responses while implementing our custom healthcare IT solutions.

Comply with healthcare standards

Follow compliance and regulations such as HIPAA, meaningful use stages 1 and 2, data breach laws, etc with our tailored healthcare IT solutions at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE. 

Unlock the value of your data

Utilize your patient’s data to its full potential with AI and ML based solutions that democratize data and analytics, accelerate time-to-insight and drive better patient care with our custom healthcare IT solutions.

Boost patient satisfaction

Focus on boosting patient satisfaction with our user-friendly IT solutions for healthcare industry. Develop health-tech solutions with elements that patients can access on the go and improve patients’ overall health at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE.

Our Custom Healthcare Solutions Include

Combine technology innovation, advancement and process transformation to stand upon the rising patients expectation and improve your IT solutions for healthcare industry spread across the areas of patient engagement, care delivery, clinical trials, operations etc at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE. 

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Custom EMR/EHR Solutions

Improve your diagnostics and treatment decisions with streamlined patient databases and optimized work processes with our custom made EMR solutions. We enable healthcare professionals to have a better understanding of their data with our AI enabled healthcare solutions.

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Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

Increase your revenue, improve the quality of care and drive administrative efficiency with our custom practice management solutions. We provide healthcare professionals with tailored healthcare IT solutions enabling automated workflows, improved costs, increased productivity at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE.

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Patient Engagement Software

Boost patient satisfaction and drive profitability with our patient engagement software which is tailored according to your business requirements. As a custom healthcare software development company, we builds healthcare solutions which facilitates smooth communication between healthcare professionals and patients at home leading to reduced admission rates and serving more patients simultaneously.

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Tele-Health Solutions

Get access to technology-assisted ancillary services via easy-to-use patient engagement systems, and on-demand virtual doctor apps. Our custom healthcare IT solutions can help you have a better understanding of your patients, therefore, helping in delivering more focused care.

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Emergency Response Systems

Enable quick assessment and smooth transform of patients via real time location tracking & information transfer from the ambulance. Team at Daffodil has expertise in designing and developing IoT based healthcare solutions which gathers patient data using sensors and analyzes it to provide important information to doctors as well as admin staff for emergency medical support.

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On-Demand Healthcare Services

Solve the problem of uneven distribution of healthcare professionals by developing an on-demand healthcare model consisting of on-demand doorstep delivery, doctor on-demand or virtual pharmacist at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE. Our experts enable you to automate various clinical workflows such as scheduling appointments, financial auditing etc.

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Fitness Apps

Broaden your range of healthcare solutions with our integrable wearable technology solutions enabling you to track important vitals, exercise routines, sleep patterns etc. We develop tracking applications for chronic disease which can be connected with our monitoring devices and will help you gather and analyze patient data.

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Healthcare Information Exchange

Develop centralized or hybrid cloud based HIE architecture solutions, including development of messaging protocols (HISP, MIME, FTP, HTTP), web services (XML, JSON, REST), and APIs (REST, SOAP, JSON-RPC) at our custom healthcare software development company in Dubai, UAE. 

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Remote patient monitoring solutions

Improve patient outcomes by enabling your patients to take ownership of their health from the comfort of their own surroundings. Lets collaborate and create remote patient monitoring solutions your customers will love.

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